Yearly goals

When I set my word of CHOOSE for 2017 I was interested to see how I would manifest it in my life. I said that above all else I want to CHOOSE family and writing this year, the two things that are most important to me. At the time I had a very full plate: working full time, parenting two little boys, co-running a household, co-hosting and producing two podcasts, co-owning Copper Quail Style, working part time as a freelance writer, exercising regularly, being active in a book club and trying to write for myself on this blog. On top... Read more →

In October, even when it was still hot, my thoughts were pulled towards the new year and what goals I would set. My day to day was feeling too busy and I was craving reflection and focus. In six years of developing a practice of goal setting I've found that a few quiet moments, a blank piece of paper and a pen (or even a fresh note on my phone) can be incredibly calming and powerful. By my own design and doing my life is full. In 2016 I filled my plate more than I ever have. I got a... Read more →

Every year is significant but this past year felt especially so for personal growth. Heading into 2016 I hoped that over the year I would begin to emerge from the intensely demanding period of having two boys under three, waking many times during the night and breastfeeding. I was looking forward to reclaiming my body and energy, and focusing some of that new-found energy on myself. So I declared 2016 The Year of Kelsey. I made goals of building a capsule wardrobe, a capsule skin care and makeup routine, going on creative field trips and traveling by myself. I worked... Read more →

We all know that the secret to keeping your skin health and looking young is to protect it from the sun (not to mention to prevent skin cancer). Despite knowing this my habit of using a daily sunscreen was, until recently, a B- at best, maybe a C. Starting in high school I would occasionally get into a habit of using a daily moisturizer with SPF although it never seemed to stick, I think because I never found a product that I loved. But I live in Arizona where we have 300+sunny days per year. Even if I'm just driving... Read more →

Hello 2016, come on in and make yourself right at home! I love to greet a new year and after the intensity and sleepless nights in 2015 I am even more eager to jump into 2016. The boys are at great ages and I already feel a shift happening in our lives from a "someone always needs something right now!" phase of parenting to "hey I think we can handle this (most of the time)!" phase of parenting. And we are hopeful that soon we'll have two boys sleeping through the night consistently (even if they wake up in the... Read more →

I knew that 2015 would demand a lot from me with parenting a toddler and a newborn plus breastfeeding, returning to work and pumping all while trying to be intentional about making time for my marriage, for exercise and for creative work. It feels so fitting that my #2015bestnine photo above is full of the boys; that's exactly what the year was supposed to be and what it was. And then in the midst of this demanding year Chris and I decided to launch a podcast and to get aggressive with our savings and save $20,000. Plus Chris had he... Read more →

photo by Darby Simon Happy 2015! 2014 was an epic, awesome year for our family: Dashiell turned one and started talking and walking, Erica and I launched a podcast and consistently published an episode every other week for the entire year (we're super proud of ourselves!), Chris got tenure, we found out we would be having another baby, I changed jobs at work, we minimized a lot of our stuff and even sold a car, we paid off my student loans and finally: we met Cedric! What a year! I'm starting 2015 with a sleeping newborn in my lap and... Read more →