Working mama

I am now of the opinion that late December is the best time to welcome a baby. Cedric arrived exactly in between the cheer of Christmas and the celebration of a new year, heaping happiness upon an already festive time of year. When he was teeny tiny (as much as a nine and a half pound baby can be) there were twinkling Christmas lights still strung up around our neighborhood and town and wreaths on doors. We had some rainy, chilly days (my favorite) and we dressed him warmly and then wrapped him snuggly in blankets, just what your instinct... Read more →

This past July marked my one year anniversary of being back at work after having Dashiell. So much has changed since then. Dashiell has changed, of course. He is so much bigger and more independent and full of personality. My position at work changed and I love my new job. And I have changed, from feeling overwhelmed to being really happy that I work outside of the home and feeling pretty great about my work/life balance (at least on most days!). Reflecting on it, I think there are several things that I'm finding are really positive about our current situation:... Read more →

This spring, I changed groups at work but was still sitting at my same desk. Two weeks ago, I moved desks to sit with the rest of my new team. When my director told me that a desk was opening up for me, I'll admit I felt a little bummed because the desk that was coming available was a basic cubicle where a student worker used to sit. The view is pretty different from my former desk, which had a huge window. I was nervous that I wouldn't like my new environment as much and that it would affect my... Read more →

A year into this motherhood gig and what I've found to be the most challenging part of the job is how little uninterrupted, unplanned time to myself I have. I think back to before we had Dashiell and marvel that we had whole weekends, as in TWO! FULL! DAYS!, in which we could do what we wanted. I could curl up on the couch and devour a novel; I could leisurely run errands and browse at Target; I could get my hair cut or my nails done on a whim; I could decide to try a new recipe and spend... Read more →

The early evening weather has been golden and perfect and I've come to look forward to spending it outside with Dashiell every day. Chris has been making dinner on most days so Dashiell perches on my hip and we head to the front or back yard to see what we can see. After our busy days (mine of commuting, working in front of a computer and managing many demands of my time and Dash's of being in a busy room with other children) I can feel my mind relax as my feet hit the grass and I love to be... Read more →

On Saturday evening we flew back home to Phoenix after a week in my hometown of Austin. As usual, I had a knot in my stomach at the airport as I anticipated leaving. It's always hard to say goodbye to my parents and sister, the house and wooded yard where I grew up, friends, and that funky city of Austin that I love so much. Even as I felt sad to leave Austin and all that I love there I started to think of the routines of home and how I thrive on them. Getting out of my routines is... Read more →

More so than any season, the spring seems to bring change to my life. Certainly there is change all around me; the desert bursts into color from drab winter tones, our backyard is transformed into a shady retreat as our trees leaf out, an enthusiastic mockingbird sings his heart out at 2 am (not even joking). I started thinking about this season of change because I actually just changed positions at my job! It's both a big and little change. It's a little change because I'm actually still sitting at my same desk (but I do love my desk and... Read more →

I've been sitting here, trying to think of what to say about being a working mom, which I have been now for over seven months. It's something I'd like to talk about more in this space; I think it's as an important topic as finances to talk honestly about. At the same time I've been doing this for such a short amount of time and I'm always finding new dimensions, both the challenging and the rewarding. I will say this: It's hard to face the demands of work and the expectations of others when being a mama and everything in... Read more →

I greet each new year excited for a fresh start and for change. Already there's a momentum to this year and it seems to be swelling up from all aspects of my life: + Dashiell is sleeping better as of late. I think this probably has a lot to do with brewing the momentum and my energy to make things happen. To only wake one or two times a night and to have time to start the day with Chris in the morning, have coffee, and just say "Oh hi husband, how are you?" is a game-changer. Thanks, Dash! +... Read more →

Both Chris and I are heading back to work today after a two week holiday. I'm mustering all my positive energy (and having a second cup of coffee) to help me dive back into our work week routine. Although the pace of life slowed during the holidays it was still very busy, as life with a crawling-everywhere-baby is. So it's hard to believe that somehow we have to fit in going to our jobs every day and pack in our evening routine into fewer hours. I was so enjoying splitting a beer with Chris around 5 PM and having a... Read more →