Team Wharton

Digital photos can be so overwhelming. So! Overwhelming! We can fill up our phones, dump the photos somewhere and then tap, tap, tap our way to thousands of more photos. Quickly there are photos across devices and clouds (what is this cloud exactly again?) and it's hard to know even where to start. But there is hope! My system for managing our family photos does not require a lot of work, keeps my phone from getting filled to capacity and has me regularly printing photo books that are family keepsakes. I have an iPhone and was originally using albums in... Read more →

In October Chris and I took our first trip without the boys since Cedric was born. We chose the Pacific Northwest because it's so completely different from where we live in Arizona. Although we're learning to love the desert we still crave trees that are tall and abundant, green, rain, cold and water. We knew we'd find it all in the Pacific Northwest. And we did. Visiting our country's national parks is something I want to spend the rest of my life doing so we set our sights on Olympic National Park with our last night in Seattle to visit... Read more →

It's the end of June and we're nearly on to July! I keep thinking of so many things to write about and am trying to make the time. I hope a little round up will catch you up a bit. And hopefully we're friends on Instagram, I'm posting there quite often. Right now I'm... Working from the floor of our bedroom during nap time. Finding that time to write doesn't just happen, I have to make it happen. Reading How to Raise an Adult and agreeing with many of its points. Drinking mint ice tea in the afternoons at work... Read more →

Have I told you about my dinner dream? Not the slumbering kind of dream but the wistful daydream sort of dream. Here it is: Around 4:30 or 5 pm I make my way into the kitchen. The boys play independently or might even want to help and we make a work station for them at the learning tower. I pull down my recipe binder and flip to a recipe, perhaps an familiar one or something new. I gather ingredients from the pantry and fridge and pour myself a small glass of white wine (nothing too sweet) or open a beer.... Read more →

This is my third year of designing our own Christmas cards (using what little skills I have in Photoshop Elements!) and I am SO pleased with how they turned out. For the past several years we've had professional pictures taken around the holidays but we skipped the photo shoot this year. Instead I collected photos throughout our year and I love the story that they will tell to friends and family: This is what 2015 looked like for Team Wharton. The card design was inspired by Sara's Christmas card round up. Initially I thought I would order a card from... Read more →

Sundays are mounting a case to be my favorite day of the week; it's so funny to think that they used to be my least favorite. Back when I had a job I really (really) disliked, Sundays brought a sense of dread for the upcoming work week. But now Sundays are days spent at home and the house is full of children and cooking and life. It's the best place to be. Plus, I genuinely look forward to returning to my peaceful desk and my work on Monday mornings. I read a post about creating "the Sunday home" months ago... Read more →

So many things are happening and the boys are changing so fast! Currently Dashiell is two and a half years old and Cedric is just about to turn ten months old and this is what I want to remember: + The baby-soft feel of Cedric's skin and the way it feels springy and new even as it slides around over his little body when I pick him up and rub his back. I don't know when babies lose this but I'm trying to appreciate it every time I hold him. + Dashiell's language: adding -eeyah to words like Daddeeyah, Deeyah... Read more →

A few weeks ago, Elise announced on Instagram that she and Kal had supplies left over after a script workshop and Kal would be doing custom scripts for $30. I emailed Elise immediately because I knew just the phrase that I wanted for our walls: Everything is awesome Chris and I loved The Lego Movie when we saw it last year and the theme song of Everything is Awesome is perfectly silly, catchy and optimistic. How can you not smile at lyrics like this: Trees, frogs, clogs They're awesome! Rocks, clocks, and socks They're awesome! Figs, and jigs, and twigs... Read more →

Over the past year, when we carpool to work and when the house is quiet after bedtime, Chris and I have had an ongoing conversation about how we want to spend our years with the boys. Because we are at the beginning and we want to live intentionally and not look back and wish we'd done this or that. We talk about little things like movie nights and biking to the farmer's market and reading Harry Potter all snuggled together in bed; we talk about big things like being able to spend extended periods of time in Austin with my... Read more →