Recently I've become very enthusiastic about eliminating unwanted mail - both email and paper mail. Yes, it's easy to just delete an email or to recycle an unwanted catalog but it doesn't get to the root of the problem. Pulling out a stack of junk mail from my mailbox is a stack of my wasted time because I have to sort through it and recycle it. And then there's the emotion of being annoyed by it and thinking, "Arg, I should do something about this!" It's the same with an inbox full of promotional email plus that can make it... Read more →

An occasional series of small things that bring some awesome to my life. My newish besu wallet. Since becoming a mom I need to travel light and have two free hands; I can't keep up with a toddler and carry a purse. To run errands I was always taking my driver's license and credit card out of my wallet and putting them in a pocket. But I'd forget where I left them, or they'd fall out on the closet floor. Plus I was using a wallet that was years old and much too big. Enter my cute besu wallet. It's... Read more →

#thebackseatboys This weekend we celebrated one year of being a one car family! I can't believe it's been a year already. I'm happy to report that being a one car family, even in the suburbs of a sprawling metro area, is going really well and we have no plans to change our situation. When we sold Chris's truck and made our 2008 Prius our only car we were determined to try our best but were open to buying another car if needed. At the time we only had one child (and one car seat) to fit in the car. One... Read more →

We are officially a television-free household! We had been thinking of making the change for a while and when we had the house painted and needed to take the television off the wall it felt like a perfect time to cut ties. We had the holes from the mount and cords patched, rearranged the furniture and honestly haven't haven't missed it (much). We were already using our television minimally so this wasn't a big sacrifice for us. A few years ago we ditched cable and have lived happily without it since then. Neither of us care to keep up with... Read more →

Sunday meal prep is my love language As we were getting our bearings parenting two small boys earlier this year (and let's be honest, we are still getting our bearings) I was so thankful to have stocked our freezer with pre-made meals. My favorite thing to grab was a freezer breakfast burritos made with eggs, spinach, potatoes and cheese. They were proteinful, delicious and just the thing to lend some bravery to mornings that came too early. On such a morning I said to myself that a freezer burrito is like a high five from your past self. In this... Read more →

When I started reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up I didn't think I had much to learn from the book. After all, we had already gone through our entire house with the aim of only keeping what is functional or beautiful and work to have every item in the house have a "home". But I was wrong! I ended up loving The Life Changing Magic and it spurred a second wave of minimizing in our house after I told Chris about what I learned. We went through lots of our stuff - again - and we were both... Read more →

Last summer, Chris and I embarked on a house-wide minimizing inventory that we dubbed "the minima". We went through every room, every cabinet and every drawer in our house, including our garage, evaluated each item and asked, "Do we really need or want this?" For many, many, many items that answer was "no". We took carloads of stuff to Goodwill. With every pound of unneeded stuff that we banished from our house I felt lighter. After finishing our household purge I kept remarking to Chris how happy I felt; it was surprising to me how much a change in our... Read more →

In July, we sold Chris's truck and have had only one car (a Prius). So far, being a one-car family is going really well! I'm surprised at how un-burdensome it feels and how, for the most part, it's been a simplification and not a complication in our lives . Chris and I each have a day that we work at home and on those days the other person takes public transportation to work. There's a park-and-ride near our house and we drop each other off so the person at home can have the car. Three days a week, Chris and... Read more →

August was the first time since starting my blog in January of 2011 that I gave myself complete permission not to worry about it one bit. I felt no pressure to draft a post, snap a picture of something I was doing so that I could post about it or to check blog stats. It felt wonderful! Even though, or probably because, my blog is something I do completely for myself (I don't earn any money through blogging or podcasting), I put a lot of pressure on myself to continually create content that I'm proud of and that I hope... Read more →