One of my verrrry early blog posts (beware of terrible photos and tumbling deep into the archives!) was about going paperless in the kitchen. More than five years later and we still have a paperless kitchen - and love it! In fact I often forget that a paperless kitchen isn't the norm at everyone's house. If you're interested in going paperless in the kitchen here's a quick start-up guide: + Identify the different tasks for which you use towels, rags and paper products. At our house we identified the tasks of: wiping up spills from the floor, wiping the countertops,... Read more →

An occasional series of small things that bring some awesome to my life. Drinking hot coffee in the shower. If you are laughing at me, that's fine. I'm warm outside and inside in my hot shower with my hot coffee (hydroflask!) Or, if this is already a habit of yours you know exactly how genius this is. On a chilly morning, or especially after a winter morning workout, there is nothing so wonderful as hot coffee on the inside and hot water on the outside. Sipping hot coffee while in a hot shower is an indulgent ritual of mine every... Read more →

During the 2016 Year of Kelsey I am vowing to get serious about taking care of my skin and finding a makeup routine that works for me. If I start a great skin care routine now I'll look amazing when I'm older! And having a reliable routine of great makeup products is definitely something I want in my life. My skin care routine is inconsistent but since January I have been wearing sunscreen nearly everyday, a habit I have been wanting to adopt. In the makeup department my goal is to have a simple makeup routine that leaves me feeling... Read more →

I thrive in uncluttered environments. They are my jam. A tidy, uncluttered environment lets me breathe and think; I feel more creative and energized. An uncluttered home is even included in our ideal life manifesto. As we've minimized and minimized some more our home has become the bright and uncluttered environment I've always wanted to live in. And I've implemented a simple trick for maintaining a home with an uncluttered feel: maintain clear horizontal surfaces. This brilliant idea isn't my own, I read it years ago in a post at Small Notebook. Like the idea of the Sunday home the... Read more →

Part of my Year of Kelsey goal is investing money in creating a capsule wardrobe. My definition of a capsule wardrobe is a collection of essential wardrobe staples that are well-made, fit wonderfully, make me feel great, can be mixed and matched and won't go out of style. Along with excellent fit and quality another consideration for my capsule wardrobe is how the clothing is made. I want to support brands that adhere to responsible labor and environmental practices. A few of the brands I've found that have statements about these things include Everlane and Boden and The Art of... Read more →

Sundays are mounting a case to be my favorite day of the week; it's so funny to think that they used to be my least favorite. Back when I had a job I really (really) disliked, Sundays brought a sense of dread for the upcoming work week. But now Sundays are days spent at home and the house is full of children and cooking and life. It's the best place to be. Plus, I genuinely look forward to returning to my peaceful desk and my work on Monday mornings. I read a post about creating "the Sunday home" months ago... Read more →

Recently I've become very enthusiastic about eliminating unwanted mail - both email and paper mail. Yes, it's easy to just delete an email or to recycle an unwanted catalog but it doesn't get to the root of the problem. Pulling out a stack of junk mail from my mailbox is a stack of my wasted time because I have to sort through it and recycle it. And then there's the emotion of being annoyed by it and thinking, "Arg, I should do something about this!" It's the same with an inbox full of promotional email plus that can make it... Read more →