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I cannot stop making this quiche. My mom and I made it for the first time on Christmas Eve to have for breakfast on Christmas morning and since then I've made it twice more...and have plans for a third this weekend. Perhaps I should call this Year-Round Christmas Quiche. Which is why I don't feel bashful to share a "Christmas" recipe with you in January-almost-February. The smoked gouda and sundried tomato make you feel like you're having something special. The kale makes you feel like you're having something healthy. And pie crust is never a bad idea. If you have... Read more →

I always bring my lunch to work. And by lunch I mean lunch and SNACKS. I never like to be without a snack, especially at work and when I'm traveling. At the office, by about 10 AM, I need something to get me through until lunch time. Lately, my go-to is peanut butter oatmeal; it's simple, protein-y, nutritious, and filling. Plus, oatmeal is supposed to support healthy lactation and I can certainly use some help since I have a hungy, hungry baby boy. I used to keep instant oatmeal at my desk, and it makes a great snack too, but... Read more →

There are lots of adorable little babies being born around here which means lots of new parents who could use a little help. I love to drop off a meal to new parents as a way to help out without taking up much of their you get to peek at that new little bundle of cuteness. I first started doing this because my bookclub organizes a "food train" when someone in our group has a baby. We use the website Food Tidings to organize the food train and each sign up to take a meal or two to the... Read more →

Before finding out I was pregnant, Chris and I were primarily eating a vegan(ish) diet. I wasn't sure how I'd eat when I was pregnant and was open to either sticking to a mostly vegan diet or going vegetarian depending on how I felt. When I started feeling symptoms of morning sickness in the first trimester I also developed aversions to most foods. At that point it was so hard to find anything I wanted to eat I decided to eat a vegetarian diet to give myself more options. More than a few times I went to Trader Joe's just... Read more →

Chris and I love to make smoothies in the morning. Sometimes we do a protein smoothie with banana, almond milk, peanut butter and protein powder. Other times it's fruit juice, a handful of greens and frozen fruit like mango and pineapple. Lately my favorite combo has been orange juice with frozen mango and frozen pineapple. We try to always keep a couple bags of frozen fruit in the freezer for smoothies and when bananas start getting too brown we put them in a ziplock bag and freeze them for smoothies. A friend of mine showed me the genius idea of... Read more →

One fall "tradition" that seems to have developed in the Wharton house is that on Sundays Chris usually watches football and I watch from the kitchen while making a big pot of soup for the week. I love Sunday cooking but as it gets hotter I fall out of the habit. Who wants to stand over a stove or oven when it's over 100 degrees outside? A couple of weeks ago, even though the temperatures were no where near fall-like, I just got the urge to spend the day cooking. I'm ready for fall *pout*. I came across Tracy's recipe... Read more →

Before I started reading Sara's blog I knew very little about the philosophies and practices of a Montessori education. My only impression of Montessori was actually through my mom. As part of her job, my mom visits different schools and she would tell me how much she loved visiting Montessori classrooms because they were beautiful and orderly and clearly designed with the child as the focus. They don't contain plastic toys and instead include toys made of natural materials, like wood and wool, as well as practical life activities like sweeping and washing. This approach to spaces for children really... Read more →

I'd love to be a canning, preserving, and pickling kind of gal. I love the self-sufficiency of it, or the idea of it. I've read books and websites and even jarred chutney with a friend one time but still don't have confidence in myself. The possibility of something going wrong and canning something that isn't safe to eat is definitely intimidating! But when we got pickling cucumbers in our Chow Locally share last week I decided to give pickles a go. Pickles seem straight forward enough and as I started reading recipes there were several that did not include boiling... Read more →

As you may know, I L-O-V-E my local public library. I just about always have a few books and audiobooks out from the library (sometimes books about pregnancy and babies...ah, my planning heart). Now I can even get Kindle books through my library! But until recently I didn't think about getting cookbooks from the library. I don't know why it didn't occur to me before! Reading a new cookbook is as exciting to me as diving into a great novel. I love reading through ingredients lists and getting ideas of menus and new flavors. Now there's a whole new genre... Read more →

After the 5K on Sunday I was craving something chocolately but wasn't up for a big effort. It was the perfect time to try out a recipe for vegan baked chocolate donuts from (never home)maker that I'd had my eye on for a while. They came together quickly and weren't overly sweet plus are full of good grains and definitely delivered the chocolate I was craving. Exactly what I wanted. Substitutions: In the recipe I substituted the wheat bran for flax meal since that's what I had on hand and I also added 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder plus a... Read more →