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A year ago I brought my favorite chocolate ice box pie to my friend Becky's Fourth of July party (it's her favorite holiday, which I love about her). It was a patriotic hometown affair where chocolate pie was right at home and I promised her the recipe and I do believe I've been teasing you, lovely readers, with it as well. Well, I'm here to finally make good on that promise! I have this recipe handwritten on a folded sheet of lined paper in my recipe binder and it is boldly titled Kelsey's Favorite Chocolate Ice Box Pie. I know... Read more →

Have I told you about my dinner dream? Not the slumbering kind of dream but the wistful daydream sort of dream. Here it is: Around 4:30 or 5 pm I make my way into the kitchen. The boys play independently or might even want to help and we make a work station for them at the learning tower. I pull down my recipe binder and flip to a recipe, perhaps an familiar one or something new. I gather ingredients from the pantry and fridge and pour myself a small glass of white wine (nothing too sweet) or open a beer.... Read more →

I am a fierce believer in packing a lunch and lately I've been toting giant salads to work. Mornings go infinitely more smoothly when we prep the night before so this weekday salad is made ahead of time and patiently waits until lunchtime the next day. I used to find that I enjoyed eating hearty salads when I went out to eat but could never recreate such enticing salads at home. And then I figured out the magic salad formula! There are several components but flexibility within each to use what you love or have on hand. It's a choose... Read more →

Dates are a sneaky dried fruit. They frequently lurk in "healthy" snacks and desserts where their sweetness and dark color is supposed to trick you into thinking you are eating chocolate. I HAVE NEVER BEEN FOOLED. I still bear hard feelings against a Kashi "chocolate" coconut granola bar into which I eagerly bit only to find a mouthful of date and NOT chocolate. This was at least four years ago. I don't hate dates. I just want them to be honest about their presence. Anyway, this weird start is all to say that when we made a recipe for chocolate... Read more →

One of my mama superpowers is that I can head-off a toddler tantrum by coming up with a baking activity with no planning. This is usually how I deploy my superpower: Dash realizes that Chris is about to leave the house and is suddenly in toddler meltdown mode. Me (with no plan whatsoever or any idea of what ingredients we have): Dash, want to bake something with mama? Dash (not convinced yet that my offer outweighs his sadness): Yeah... Me: Great! We'll make....(quickly looking in the pantry and fridge)...muffins! Dash (with a big smile and not a thought to Daddy's... Read more →

My favorite kind of Sunday is one that finds me in the kitchen, readying for the week ahead. My preferred provisions include a homemade soup for lunches and quick dinners, and a baked good, like perfect blueberry muffins, to perk up mornings at the office. Before I started my first job and effectively joined the real world I remember wanting to be the kind of home cook who makes a great soup, for some reason this equated with being an adult to me. What I've learned is that anyone can be this kind of home cook, it just takes making... Read more →