Recently I've had the opportunity to guest on three different podcasts and have chatted about my experience as a working mom. I love sharing what's great, what's challenging and what I've learned during my three and a half years of being a mother and working full time. I'm a regular listener of each of the podcasts I was on and if you haven't listened to theses shows I would recommend them! They are all available on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts. The Mom Hour // Inside the Lives of 3 Working Moms Coffee + Crumbs // Episode 15... Read more →

It is my pleasure to introduce Matrimoney (pronounced just like matrimony), a new podcast that Chris and I are co-hosting(!). On the show we're talking about life, marriage and our money. When I had the idea for this podcast a few months ago I hesitated because I wasn't sure I had the bandwidth to produce a new show. But I couldn't stop thinking of how fun it would be to podcast with Chris and I'm so glad we went for it. Talking openly about personal finances is something both Chris and I love and we both love talking to each... Read more →

I recently mentioned the Sarah R. Bagely Podcast, as one of my favorites and I'm thrilled to be featured as a guest on the episode that airs today. You can listen right here. I love Sarah's podcast for her honest conversations with women about the way perfectionism impacts their lives and how they are pushing past it in motherhood, marriage, creative work and elsewhere. I had so much fun chatting with Sarah about blogging, having house guests even when our houses aren't perfect, and balancing motherhood, marriage and work. I hope you'll check it out! Thanks so much for having... Read more →

Over the course of three blog posts I'm sharing how my podcast, The Girl Next Door Podcast, is made. So far, I've shared the equipment that we use and how we publish our show online. This week I'm sharing tips for recording that we've learned while producing the show. + For each show, make an outline and become really familiar with it. We've found that we like to write out our intro and exit text but otherwise keep the outline general to encourage natural conversation. When we were too detailed in our outline we focused too much on what we'd... Read more →

Over the course of three blog posts I'm sharing how my podcast, The Girl Next Door Podcast, is made. Last week, I shared the equipment that we use and this week I'd like to share how we publish our show online. Before creating the first episode of our podcast, I thought that surely figuring out the equipment and recording our voices would be the hardest part of a podcast. That turned out to be the easy part (at least for us)! What stumped and frustrated me for a long time was how to share our show with listeners. To share... Read more →

Launching The Girl Next Door Podcast is one of the funnest projects I've taken on. It's fun to record (I'm having a cocktail and chatting with my friend!) but I have also loved the challenge of figuring out how to podcast (although it's been frustrating at times!). In the hopes of helping another budding podcaster, or just giving our listeners a peek behind the scenes, I wanted to share what I've learned in the process of launching a podcast. Over three blog posts in the next few weeks I'll share what equipment we use, how we publish our show online... Read more →