Our home

An occasional series of small things that bring some awesome to my life. Our dark grey front door. I can't believe it used to be white, which seems so plain now. All credit is due to Erica who painted the inside of her front door dark grey at least a year earlier. When I saw the impact it made in her house I was eager to try it next door at our house. Erica used Peppercorn and ours is Kendall Charcoal. I loved the way our door looked with a Christmas wreath and so we left the Command hook and... Read more →

This is my third year of designing our own Christmas cards (using what little skills I have in Photoshop Elements!) and I am SO pleased with how they turned out. For the past several years we've had professional pictures taken around the holidays but we skipped the photo shoot this year. Instead I collected photos throughout our year and I love the story that they will tell to friends and family: This is what 2015 looked like for Team Wharton. The card design was inspired by Sara's Christmas card round up. Initially I thought I would order a card from... Read more →

Sundays are mounting a case to be my favorite day of the week; it's so funny to think that they used to be my least favorite. Back when I had a job I really (really) disliked, Sundays brought a sense of dread for the upcoming work week. But now Sundays are days spent at home and the house is full of children and cooking and life. It's the best place to be. Plus, I genuinely look forward to returning to my peaceful desk and my work on Monday mornings. I read a post about creating "the Sunday home" months ago... Read more →

Even though I'm practicing appreciating our house as it is I still enjoy thinking of minor and more significant projects I'd love to do around the house. Improving and cozifying the house is a hobby of mine that makes me really happy. So as long as I don't let not being able to do a project or renovation get me down then I'm OK with keeping a running wish list of house projects. Plus, sometimes the act of writing something down lets me let go of it. I don't have to dwell on wanting something because it's captured on a... Read more →

Right now I'm... recovering from last week which was too busy. looking forward to a normal week this week with the bonus of a visit from a friend and her baby! hoping my week might include a coffee date with Chris. watching in amazement as Cedric WALKS. loving our new gallery wall configuration. (Thanks, Mom!) feeling a bit stretched at work. listening to Reply All, Mom and Dad Are Fighting, Fresh Air and TBASH when I'm by myself in the car. listening to "animal stories" again (and again and again and again) when Dash is in the car. marveling at... Read more →

It's the first day of fall, hooray! It's still so hot here that we don't go outside much during the middle of the day (unless we can be in the shade) but the mornings and evenings have been pleasant and allllmost coolish. More so that any summer before I felt that I accepted the heat; I endured it, sweated through it and kept reminding myself of all the outdoor time we'd have come Octoberish. Last summer I was pregnant with Cedric and uncomfortable through the extended summer months. It's been lovely not to have swollen ankles and an expanding belly... Read more →

Last Friday I remembered that I have a small stash of seasonal candles in the front hall closet, behind a box of rarely used warm winter things (hats, gloves). I discovered that I had put back a fall candle with about half an inch left to burn. It was enough to light for a few days and gave the house an air of changing seasons and coziness. Over the Labor Day long weekend we had glorious cloud cover every day and highs at 100 or below. Or below! We took morning bike rides and made adventures to the park every... Read more →

We are officially a television-free household! We had been thinking of making the change for a while and when we had the house painted and needed to take the television off the wall it felt like a perfect time to cut ties. We had the holes from the mount and cords patched, rearranged the furniture and honestly haven't haven't missed it (much). We were already using our television minimally so this wasn't a big sacrifice for us. A few years ago we ditched cable and have lived happily without it since then. Neither of us care to keep up with... Read more →

New paint! New paint! Love is not a strong enough word for how I feel about the new colors in our house. It's made me look at our house with new eyes. The space feels brighter, bigger and more cohesive. I love it. Have I said that already? It took until Sunday to get the house back to normal and to really see the change. I felt so energized that even though I should have gone to bed early I stayed up to make sure all the dishes were washed so the kitchen would be perfect. An added, unexpected bonus... Read more →

{before} The interior of our house was painted last week! It felt a bit crazy last weekend as we were taking down blinds, pushing furniture into the middle of rooms and emptying cabinets while managing a toddler and a baby. And then this weekend as we tried to put the mayhem back together (which is why I don't have "after" photos yet). Basically the house was a toddler danger zone with tools, dishes, artwork and curtain rods everywhere. It wasn't stressful at all! But I'm thrilled we had this done. We had the main living areas (front room and great... Read more →