Even before I was pregnant with Dashiell, Chris and I talked about what kind of home environment we would want for our future children, including the type of toys we wanted. We both love having a home that is a clutter-free environment without too much stuff. We also value having comfortable, adult spaces in the living areas of our home. We want Dashiell to have toys and activities to engage with throughout the house but we don't want our house to become solely focused on his needs. I was inspired to follow Montessori philosophy, which suggest having toys made of... Read more →

I've had a vision for a Montessori-inspired space for Dashiell in our breakfast area off the kitchen since I was pregnant. I was describing my vision to my mom, saying that Dash would have a little table where he can eat snacks and work on projects and a shelf where he can keep a plate and utensils, a little broom and dustpan and a plant that he can water. My mom, forever witty and funny, remarked on all the "little responsibilities" that he would have. In two beats we were laughing and calling it the Toddler Area of Responsibility. This... Read more →