Sunday meal prep is my love language As we were getting our bearings parenting two small boys earlier this year (and let's be honest, we are still getting our bearings) I was so thankful to have stocked our freezer with pre-made meals. My favorite thing to grab was a freezer breakfast burritos made with eggs, spinach, potatoes and cheese. They were proteinful, delicious and just the thing to lend some bravery to mornings that came too early. On such a morning I said to myself that a freezer burrito is like a high five from your past self. In this... Read more →

A funny thing about having young children is that your life becomes anchored to routines. But the routines are always changing. Maybe that's why parenting can make you feel as though getting it all together is always juuuust out of reach. As a full time working parent I find myself looking forward to our evening bedtime routine the most. It's when the day stops feeling so crazy and when my shoulders start to relax. Getting the boys ready for bed and putting them to sleep is an essential thing we do each day, to the point that it can be... Read more →

Pumping at work is a special experience. When else will you sit shirtless in your workplace while attached to a machine? Or hold a bottle of liquid that was just expressed from your boobs in the company of male colleagues. Cherish this special time, friends. Now in my second round of pumping at work, I thought I'd share my routine and what I keep in my pump bag. At first, pumping at work seems strange and horrible. But with time and practice it will become something you look forward to each day. Nope. That's a lie. But in my experience... Read more →

Right now I'm... STOKED to be leading a podcasting workshop with Erica at the Mom 2.0 Summit later this month in Scottsdale. Please let us know if you'll be attending the conference, we'd love to meet you! laughing at the pictures I take of my three boys in our red chair (Cedric's serious face!) and thinking it might have to be a tradition. Just before I took this Dash pointed to Cedric and said, "Smile Did-it!" trying to finish The Bone Clocks. I don't love it and it's long but I'm interested enough in the world that David Mitchell has... Read more →

Team Wharton has survived the first couple of weeks with two full time working parents and two little boys. Whew! Life feels full to the brim and sometimes chaotic. Even though it doesn't feel like I have time to blog I'm glad I captured my first transition back to work as it happened and I want to do the same this go around so I'm dashing this off during pumping breaks at work. (See all posts tagged Working Mama here.) So, how it's going. The first time we left Cedric at daycare I cried. But I haven't since then (hooray!).... Read more →

I am now of the opinion that late December is the best time to welcome a baby. Cedric arrived exactly in between the cheer of Christmas and the celebration of a new year, heaping happiness upon an already festive time of year. When he was teeny tiny (as much as a nine and a half pound baby can be) there were twinkling Christmas lights still strung up around our neighborhood and town and wreaths on doors. We had some rainy, chilly days (my favorite) and we dressed him warmly and then wrapped him snuggly in blankets, just what your instinct... Read more →

Recently, Elise wrote a post about the anxiety and/or frustration that can come from well-meaning friends, family and strangers when they ask about your baby's milestones (and they haven't reached them yet). It got me thinking about something that I do that *hopefully* prevents causing that anxiety in others. Several of my friends had babies around the time Dashiell was born and I also met a lot of new moms through my breastfeeding group. So I've had a lot of moms to compare notes with during Dashiell's development. On the one hand this is awesome because it's so comforting to... Read more →

If you're interested in hearing more about my postpartum experience, I'm a guest on today's episode of The Postpartum Podcast. I hope you'll tune in and subscribe! I had so much fun talking to Kellie and I love the idea behind her podcast, which is "helping new moms and moms-to-be navigate and celebrate the challenges and joys of pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and new parenthood." It's our second time around caring for an infant and (I almost hesitate to say it) the postpartum period is feeling so much easier, even with the addition of a toddler. I think it's a combination... Read more →

I love to look through my baby photo album and family photo albums when I visit my parent's house in Austin. I want our boys to have a similar experience but I'm a pretty delinquent memory keeper. The thought of scrapbooking makes me feel itchy. No, like really. So, when Dashiell was born I knew I needed some kind of simple system that not induce itchiness to document his childhood and our family through the years. And I'm happy to report I've come up with a system that's working for me, which is very good news since I have the... Read more →

photo by Darby Simon Happy 2015! 2014 was an epic, awesome year for our family: Dashiell turned one and started talking and walking, Erica and I launched a podcast and consistently published an episode every other week for the entire year (we're super proud of ourselves!), Chris got tenure, we found out we would be having another baby, I changed jobs at work, we minimized a lot of our stuff and even sold a car, we paid off my student loans and finally: we met Cedric! What a year! I'm starting 2015 with a sleeping newborn in my lap and... Read more →