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I've got a new running buddy! Well, two actually: Dashiell and (the) BOB. I've been looking forward to taking Dash on runs with me since we got our BOB and last week I decided to try it out. The BOB instructions say to wait until a baby is six months old to transition them from their carseat, which can sit on top of the stroller, into the stroller seat. Since Dash has such great head and neck control and is a pretty long baby we tried out the regular stroller seat earlier. We've taken him on a few walks and... Read more →

Yesterday morning I went on a run and it totally sucked. But let me back up. Before going back to work I was starting to get back to an exercise routine and was fitting in 1-4 workouts per week (spin class and running) . And it felt great; I was surprised at how much I was enjoying running even though I'm heavier and slower than I used to be. I think it just felt great to be doing something again that is an important part of my identity. Now that I'm back to work my exercise routine has been one... Read more →

I alternate between loving to run with music and without music. Lately I've definitely been in awith music phase. Unfortunately I've never been a great playlist-maker and I'm pretty particular about what I listen to when I work out. The song needs to match the intensity of my workout so podcasts or audio books do not accompany me on my runs. For the most part I really like the music that's played in my RPM spin classes so I go to this website to check out all the RPM music. I spent some time last week reworking my running playlist... Read more →

I’ve written about going vegan for a week, eating Tofurky and my excitement for vegan breakfast options at The Coffee Shop and Uprooted Kitchen. But we’re also not completely/strictly vegan. So I thought I’d share a post on what the heck we eat. Our motivation for choosing food comes primarily out of concern for the treatment of animals but also for the health of the environment and ourselves. Deciding what to eat is a deeply personal choice and also one that has become very political! My thoughts here only reflect the way Chris and I eat and how we arrived... Read more →

Chris and I got up early - even for us! - to drive an hour across the valley to the 4th of July Summer Series #3 race that started at 6:30 am. It was perfect weather for a race: overcast, temp in the 80s, and an almost cool breeze. Since this race was a 4-miler and I've only gone on a few runs since the last race I didn't feel I was up to hitting a 7:35 pace. So I didn't make my goal of getting faster at this race but I did have a great run and my finish... Read more →

Yesterday I ran the second 5K in the Arizona Road Racers Summer Series and - amazingly - was able to make my goal of beating my previous time and moved up in my age group too! I also sported some new gear: visor, sports bra, and shirt. The race course was through a deserty area on a dirt trail and with hundreds of runners there was so much dust in the air, definitely an unpleasant aspect of the race. I remembered to wear my watch this time but got confused because there was one water station, which I assumed was... Read more →

Well guys, I've got my work cut out for me this summer. I ran a 8:09 mile pace on Saturday! So much for pushing for the 8:30 pace this summer. I haven't been running with a watch lately which is why my estimate was so far off; I just judge the quality of my runs by how I feel. Guess I'm feeling better than I thought...and I think those spin classes are paying off too. I'm not positive but I think this is my 5K PR. My pace was such a surprise to me because (of course) I forgot my... Read more →

I’m not sure of the exact cause but I’ve gone from needing lots of motivation to go for a run to seriously looking forward to running. I’m running 2-3 times per week now, about 3 miles per run.It’s a very welcome change. It probably has to do with the longer days (I hate running in the dark), lack of IT band pain, my rockin’ iPod playlist, and being able to get into a more consistent routine now that Chris isn’t so busy. Whatever the cause, I’m hoping to stick with it. To keep me motivated through the hot summer months... Read more →

Last week I picked up some new running shoes and this weekend I hit the pavement! I love my new shoes. They're lightweight but supportive. Compared to my worn-down pair they feel so springy! And I love the yellow laces. (Yellow is my favorite color btw.) It was a beautiful, spring-like day on Sunday so I went to a nearby canal trail and ran about 3 miles. Overall, I had a pretty good run. I started feeling some minor IT band pain so I took a couple of breaks to stretch and walk during the 3 miles. But the first... Read more →