This might seem strange, but I'm already thinking of year. But then you remember it's ME, and planning for the distant future is my jam. And actually this idea came from Erica, my seasonal decor mentor. On a holiday podcast episode a couple years ago she mentioned making notes about what worked well and didn't during the holidays. Then she tucks that note into the holiday decor to find it next year. Isn't that such a genius future high five? Obviously I loved this. So I wanted to collect my thoughts and notes and what worked well, and didn't, this past Christmas. Read more →

Just as I expected, once Halloween hit time suddenly went into warp speed! But I didn't want to miss sharing how I spent my personal allowance in the past two months. This has been such a helpful exercise this year and I'm looking forward to continuing next year. A couple people have requested that I also share how Chris and I spend our joint allowance each month, for which we budget $150 - although I think we aren't as good about sticking to that. One date night + babysitter pretty much takes it all. Next week we'll have our annual... Read more →

Each month, Chris and I budget $100 each to spend as "personal allowance." This includes eating out/coffee/activities we do separately (we have a joint family allowance budget of $100 as well) and purchases are that wants and not needs. To keep ourselves accountable, we use Mint to monitor our spending. As an extra layer of accountability I am sharing what I spent my personal allowance on each month and whether I stayed within budget. Buying my next Get To Work Book planner this month took up the bulk of my spending this month. But it was an expense I was... Read more →