everyday joys

We're starting our fourth week of the kids' summer break and we've hit 110ยบ on the thermometer a few times. I've been thinking, "Summer: we are doing it!" I'm noticing that I am bumping up against having less time at home alone to work, recharge, and attend to home admin. But I'm also noticing the good things this summer, and there are many. So here are 10 everyday summer joys: 10. The public pool and the splash pad. I am instantly 100% happier in the summer when I'm in the pool or at the splash pad. What do you know,... Read more →

In September I shared 10 things adding shine to my life. Today I'm back with a similar list of everyday joys, so named because I sign off every episode of my audioblog podcast with "wishing you everyday joys and small wins." I was going to do a list of 10 but at the end of the list I thought of one more, and I thought, "What's the harm in 11 joys instead of 10?!" So here are 11 everyday joys I'm noticing lately in no particular order... 11. Rain. Here in central Arizona we get a whopping annual rainfall of... Read more →