creating community

Chris attended a neighborhood protest. After I took this picture he added the "[forward]" at the bottom. Being anti-racist isn't something to check off a list. It's a lifelong practice of learning, examining my own privilege and bias, doing better, showing up, and modeling and teaching anti-racism to my kids. Repeat, repeat, repeat. In thinking about how to continue practicing anti-racism I thought about what I can do at different effort levels. Because even at this time while I have little bandwidth and am at home I can still be actively anti-racist. What I've come up with for now is... Read more →

Frequently the weather invites us be outside on these warm "winter" evenings and we find ourselves in the front yard where Dash likes to scoot back and forth on his Weerol. It seems we are never without the company of our neighbors for long. Erica or Jeremiah might already be outside walking their dogs or checking the mail, or come out to chat when they hear us; Melissa and Kristian might walk down as they get home from work and bring their son to play with Dash. And there are a handful of others that we regularly see on our... Read more →

On Saturday, Chris and I hosted a little happy hour for our neighbors in our backyard. It was so fun! This summer, we'll have lived in our house for five years (five!) and I'm on a quest to be more neighborly. I'd love to live in the kind of neighborhood where people know that you can count on your neighbors if you need them, whether it's for a cup of sugar for a recipe or offering comfort and a hot meal during a hard time. We thought a happy hour couldn't be a bad place to start. We are so... Read more →