conversations with Dashiell & Cedric

Kids say THE BEST stuff! And now that Cedric and Dashiell are playing together more I'm excited for more of the crazy and adorable conversations that I'll overhear between them. Here's what my boys have said lately at 4 years old and 2.5 years old ... Dashiell: An evil bad guy is badder than just bad guys. Excuse me, what planet are we on? I forgot. Excuse me, can you fall off a tightrope if there's a storm? Did you know me when I was a baby? We don't put a baby in a saber tooth tiger's mouth. Dashiell: I... Read more →

Cedric is officially joining these posts! Mostly everything he says is cute right now but he's had a couple zingers that I've been able to write down and remember. He seems to have good comedic timing already and loves doing little "bits" once he sees that he's making us laugh. Right now there's a lot of poo humor. :) We haven't quite hit the stage where the boys are having long conversations together although I think it's super close. Ah, can't wait to hear what they'll have to say to each other. Here's what Dashiell and Cedric have been saying... Read more →

Me: What’s your favorite vegetable? Dash: Trucks! Dash: My heart is so happy. Me: Why is your heart happy? Dash: Because I love you. Me: We eat different things at different times of the year. In the summer we eat watermelon and strawberries and peaches and… Dash: And quesadillas? In the bright sun Dash: The sun is looking in my eyes! Me: You have to always be careful in the car. Dash: Yes or else you can fall out of the car. Me: Humidifiers can be dangerous. Dash: Because they spray fire! Dash: Usually, at school, I drink coffee. Me:... Read more →

Awesome words and phrases lately: Fighter-fighter = firefighter Pinecorn = pinecone Rocketnaut = astronaut Forth and back = back and forth Scorpi-ant = scorpion Got-for = forgot/forget Last week = any time in the past, from 5 minutes ago to several months ago to, actually, last week. Dash, handing me something: Here you go. Me: Thank you. Dash: Thank you for thank you. A typical exchange Me: I love you. Dash: Thank you. After Dash comes inside from bike riding with Chris Me: What have you been doing? Dash: I been working so hard! Dash: One day, when I'm bigger,... Read more →

Little kids say the awesomest things. Here are some of the conversations we've had with Dashiell lately... Dash: I need to go to work. Me: Where do you work? Dash: On a bus! Me: Who rides on your bus? Dash: Just me. Me: What color is your bus? Dash: It's green! Chris (pointing to a starfish in a book): What's this? Dash: A fish star!...I want to eat it. While running down an aisle at Target: Dash: I TOOTED! When anyone asks what time is is: Dash: It's forty-five. Me: Is it snowing outside? Dash: Yes! Me: Do you know... Read more →