Chris and I had decided what type of birth and care provider we wanted before getting pregnant. I'd read a lot on the subject and felt that working with a midwife and doula and having a medication-free birth at a hospital were the right choices for me. Chris is on the same page. When I was researching pregnancy and birth I found it so helpful to read about the experience of other women and what they were going through so I wanted to share a bit more about our decisions for care providers during my pregnancy. Our midwives and hospital.... Read more →

I feel like I must be hitting what will be the best part of my pregnancy: I feel great and have lots of energy, I'm finally looking obviously pregnant and I love my growing belly and that people notice, and I can feel the baby move throughout the day. On exactly the day that I was 20 weeks I was laying in bed and felt like I was feeling pretty strong kicks. We'd been told Chris probably couldn't feel anything for another few weeks but I thought he might be able to feel something. Sure enough, I laid his hand... Read more →