My Septembert art-a-month makes me homesick for Austin! I found this little print (it's 5 x 7) through Young House Love when they tweeted that Dutch Door Press was having a 15% off sale. I checked out their Etsy store and found cute prints of state flowers and birds. At first I considered buying three prints: Connecticut, Texas, and Arizona to represent where Chris and I met, where we got married, and where we live now. But unfortunately they didn't have a print for Arizona. (Maybe soon!) So I went with the Texas print since it's not only representative of... Read more →

For my art purchase in August I bought a print from the Etsy shop of Lucy Snowe Photography. The photo print cost $25 plus $5 shipping, so a fresh new piece of art for $30. I love the conrasting colors, simplicity, and the desert mid-century modern feel of it. As we've been decorating our house over the past two years I've found that I love the mid-century modern look. (Lucky for me, I'm not the only one in the valley who feels this way.) I don't have a spot picked out for this print yet but I think it will... Read more →

I frequently see art prints that I like on Etsy and around the web-o-sphere and I think, "Oh, I should get that and frame it. It would like great in our house." But I never do! I end up being indecisive about where we'd put it or I decide that I should just save the money. But art is a great thing to spend (some) money on and the things I'm usually looking at are less than $50 so it wouldn't break the bank. I think it's definitely worth buying some of these things so that we can have more... Read more →