Back into the Swing of Things

It always seems to take me a week after coming home from traveling to get back into the swing of things. To fully catch up on sleep if there was a time change, to get back to healthy eating habits, back to my workout routine and back to blogging. I love routines; I love our routines: Saturday morning yoga, grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, spin class, low-key weeknights together, walking Drew two times a day. It’s the simple things, right? By the end of my week of travel a week ago I was pretty ready to back to our normal... Read more →

When I travel I like to always have a deck of cards with me. I love a game of crazy 8 or gin rummy over a beer or cup of coffee. But after our trip to Montana I think we've found new favorite games for traveling. The first is a card game version of Settler's of Catan! (I can't find a link for the game but I'm pretty sure I bought it at Target. Note that this is the card game that can be played with four people, there is a super confusing two player card game as well which... Read more →

We were in Montana two weekends ago Friday - Monday; we had the best time! First of all, thank you to a reader, Andee, who is a Missoula local and sent me great recommendations for Missoula restaurants and for our trip to Glacier. Thanks, Andee, we loved your town! We stayed in Missoula Friday and Saturday night and then on Sunday drove a rental car about 4 hours north to Glacier National Park. We stayed in Glacier for a night and then drove back to Missoula and flew back home. We packed a lot in but it felt like a... Read more →

{home in Austin} Hi! Hi! I've missed you! How are you? Confession: last weekend I made a secret trip to Austin! About a month ago I was suddenly missing Austin, my parents, and two of my closest girl friends. I was emailing a lot with my friend one week and wanted to much to just hang out and have a good catch up. So I thought, why not?! The secret part of the trip is because only four people knew I'd be in town. Since I've been in Arizona there have been bachelorette parties, weddings, holidays, and a music festival... Read more →

When we travel, Chris and I usually try to stick to a hotel/accommodation budget of $80 – 120/night. At that budget we’re usually not staying in super nice hotels. They're OK – clean and safe - but nothing very stylish or fancy. That’s why I’m so glad we’ve found Home Away! For the same budget we can rent an apartment or studio with some local character and have the convenience of a small kitchen and a little bit more room than a standard hotel room. It's also nice having a person to email directly leading up to the trip to... Read more →

On Monday we started the week off with a bang and booked flights for two awesome summer trips: Honolulu, Hawaii and Missoula, Montana! My good friend, Angela, will be marrying her Spanish sweetheart in Honolulu in September. It’s going to be a very small and beautiful wedding and they are such a great match. Angela’s fiancé is a chef and his mother is a pastry chef and they’ll be doing all the cooking for a tapas and sangria rehearsal dinner – doesn’t that sound fabulous? Angela even said I could probably help out in the kitchen if I so desired.... Read more →

Spring time has to be my favorite time to go home to Austin. Everything is green, green, green. It surprises me every time I go home how lush and green Austin is compared to the Phoenix area. And then air is so much more humid, it feels like my skin is soaking in as much as it can after being in the dry desert! My parents still live in the same house that I grew up in so going home has this very overwhelming, but good, feeling to me. Everything about the house and yard, even the streets that we... Read more →

I went to Austin! I started a new job! There's lots to share, and I will soon!, but I hope a few pictures will tide you over. For now I've got lots of sleep to catch up on and our bedroom looks like our suitcases exploded. Why is unpacking such a difficult task? Here's a peak at what the past 10 days looked like for me: Waiting for my flight to Austin. I always sit on the right side of the plane so I can see the skyline as we descend. It makes my heart swell every time. Margaritas with... Read more →

On Saturday night Chris and I headed into Phoenix to see a performance that was part of the Fringe Art Festival. We arrived a bit early for the performance and so had time to breeze through a little art studio. The attendant was not very interested in talking to us and the art was mostly depressing so we got out of there and ducked into a bar. It turned out there was some type of promotion going on and we got our beers for free, yes! The performance we saw is called Cool Like That: A Tribute to Miles Davis... Read more →

Chris's good friend from high school recently moved with his wife to the Silicon Valley area and they were so sweet to host us for New Year's Eve! Chris's friend even met us at the airport to take our bag so that we could explore the city for the day before heading to Mountain View, what a host! We had so much fun in San Francisco and the Bay Area - it was four days of delicious food, city sights and beautiful scenery, and lots of laughter. I got some great food recommendations from Eat Make Read and Tracy from... Read more →