For the past two weekends either Chris or I have been out of town and I'm so excited to have a weekend with all of Team Wharton under one roof. On Saturday, we're planning to visit the farmer's market and the nearby splash pad in the morning and in the evening we're celebrating Chris's tenure at Sleepy Dog with with friends over beer, Spinato's pizza and cupcakes! Our Sunday is gloriously plan-free; perhaps I'll make a pie and check a June goal off my list. I hope you have a lovely weekend, too! Read more →

Two weeks ago, Chris received the best possible news about his career; news that we've been anticipating for six years. Chris has been promoted from assistant to associate professor and granted TENURE! It feels like we've been talking about tenure for six years, since Chris started his job as a tenure-track professor, and discussing the possible outcomes. It's an understatement to say that it is a huge relief to have the decision behind us and for it to have been the best news. We both took last Wednesday off of work to bask in the awesomeness and go on another... Read more →

We are so lucky to have a gorgeous public library just down the road. If you didn't know already, I heart the public library with a capital HEART. I love that it's a public institution (your tax dollars at work!) dedicated to making knowledge accessible to everyone. In that way I see public libraries as essential to elevating the intelligence, creativity and empowerment of a population. Isn't that what being in a democratic society is all about? So clearly I have a bit of a crush on the library. My mom took my sister and me to our local public... Read more →

On Saturday evening we flew back home to Phoenix after a week in my hometown of Austin. As usual, I had a knot in my stomach at the airport as I anticipated leaving. It's always hard to say goodbye to my parents and sister, the house and wooded yard where I grew up, friends, and that funky city of Austin that I love so much. Even as I felt sad to leave Austin and all that I love there I started to think of the routines of home and how I thrive on them. Getting out of my routines is... Read more →

Hi friends! I had hoped to keep up the regular programming here while I'm in Austin for the week but alas! I'm not sure why I always think that somehow I'll have extra time when I'm traveling. I think I fall in love with the idea that I'll have all this time that I need to fill but of course in reality I'm enjoying visiting with my parents, seeing friends, soaking in Austin, and of course keeping up with my busy baby. I do hope one day I might get to do a little writing retreat here to my hometown.... Read more →

Chris and I both had a holiday on MLK day and so we seized the day and when on a day date, just the two of us! We left Dash with our wonderful baby sitter and went on an adventure in Phoenix. We went to Federal Pizza (sweet potato, ricotta, and fried sage pizza OMG), Churn, and The Musical Instrument Museum, which was AMAZING. Chris and I have been wanting to go since it opened in 2010 and I'm so glad we finally made it allll the way up there. The museum has instruments and videos of music being played... Read more →

Home in Austin! Dashiell and I went on our first travel adventure just the two of us this past weekend. Being at the house where I grew up, and of course with my family!, with him is really special. Just the view out the backdoor of my parents' house is such a comforting sight for me and I'm so happy that Dashiell will grow up playing there too. It was a great trip and felt relaxing even though we kept busy visiting with family and many dear friends. On Friday, my mom and I visited Sara, Henry, and Tate at... Read more →

Last weekend Chris and I went to Austin one last time before the baby arrives and I attended my baby shower! It was so good to be home. I was able to see many good friends and family members and it was so fun to celebrate my pregnancy with everyone. At my shower there were FIVE other gals who are pregnant (including Sara!) and our due dates are March, April, May, June, July, and August. How amazing and awesome is that? Chris and I were certainly showered with gifts and came home with baby clothes, books, toys, swaddles, changing pad,... Read more →

I love the tradition of having a live Christmas tree every year. I love celebrating the beauty of nature by bringing an “ordinary” bit of the outdoors into our home and adorning and admiring it. Sunset magazine just ran a comparison of real vs. fake Christmas trees and I was pleased to see that they determined that you should "go with the real deal if the ritual and environment are your top priorities". That’s us! (They also said go with a fake tree if "you prize convenience and no-mess holidays.") This year I was especially excited to cut our own... Read more →

Our first trip to Hawaii. I'm sure it won't be our last. Our little studio apartment that we rented off worked out great. It was literally two blocks from the beach and most importantly, close to the wedding festivities. It didn't have the luxuries of a hotel but it was clean, adequate, and had a kitchen so that we could keep breakfast and snacks on hand. Highlights of our trip included renting a car for a day to hike Manoa Falls and drive to Kailua. Serendipitously, Sunset magazine profiled the town just last month as a great place to... Read more →