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10 everyday summer joys


We're starting our fourth week of the kids' summer break and we've hit 110º on the thermometer a few times. I've been thinking, "Summer: we are doing it!"

I'm noticing that I am bumping up against having less time at home alone to work, recharge, and attend to home admin. But I'm also noticing the good things this summer, and there are many. So here are 10 everyday summer joys:


10. The public pool and the splash pad. I am instantly 100% happier in the summer when I'm in the pool or at the splash pad. What do you know, cooling off when it's 110º really makes a difference! I also have a particular fondness and perhaps even pride for the pool and splash pad as public goods that, like the library, are for the community.

9. My Hydrojug water bottle. It's insulated, it's giant (40 oz), it fits in my (bigger) car cup holders, has a straw, but IS ALSO LEAK-PROOF when the straw is folded down. I think this might be the holy grail of hydration, at least for the kind of hydration I need in Arizona.


8. Front seat car picnics with Maeve. A couple of time post-splash pad, Maeve and I have sat in the front seat together while the car is parking in the shade for a car picnic. We share a frozen strawberry lemonade and sometimes a snack while listening to music together (usually the Descendants sound track which is her latest movie obsession). She thinks it's so cool to sit in the front seat and I love starting to develop our own mother-daughter rituals together. Plus, I remember my mom taking my sister and me for car picnics after the pool in the summer. It was usually to Sonic for burgers and slushies and I have such fond memories!


7. Discovering Freestone Rec Center with our family. A newer discovery for our family is Gilbert's Freestone Rec Center -- another wonderful community resource! For $14 our whole family can stay for as long as we want and enjoy the climbing wall, racquetball, ping pong, and pool. There's not as much for Maeve to do but luckily she loves playing ping pong (well, attempting to play).


6. Play friend afternoons for Maeve. For several weeks now a very sweet girl from our neighborhood has been coming over to babysit Maeve for two hours one afternoon a week. I stay home but can be taking care of household tasks without also trying to entertain Maeve or sometimes I paint my nails and put my feet up! It's wonderful to gain those two extra hours and it's great for Maeve too: she has someone to play and have fun with and our shy girl has gotten used to one more person.


5. Sleep away camp drop with friends. Yesterday I dropped the boys off at summer camp along with my good friend who also dropped off her son. We had a great drop off experience and while I know that being away from home might be hard at times for one of my boys I also know the experience is such a great growth opportunity, and that much fun will be had as well! We only get photos, and hopefully at least one letter?!, until pick up on Saturday. I can't wait to hear all about it!


4. Cold treat Wednesdays. A favorite family tradition since 2021.


3. A pool party with neighbor friends. Together with neighbor friends we rented out one of our public pools for three hours this past weekend. It was so fun! We had a great turnout, hosted a Dad Cannonball Contest in honor of Father's Day, and I think we introduced several people to a great local pool.


2. Maeve getting her first library card. She squealed with excitement and picked out the running horses design for her first card. My mama and reading heart were so full.


1. More adventures, less routine. I'm learning that this is what summer is all about. I don't necessarily love the less routine part but I'm trying to embrace it and appreciate what it brings: slower evenings, more family time together, and more spontaneous adventure.


What everyday summer joys are you finding, friends?


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