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Announcing Your Year to Shine: A Goals Workshop



**Registration for the 2024 Your Year to Shine workshop has closed. But sign up to be notified of next year's workshop.**

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Friends, I'm thrilled to share with you that I'll be hosting Your Year to Shine: A Goals Workshop in early 2024!
This workshop is a culmination of my many years of practicing and studying goal-setting. For the past several years I've had informal goal-setting sessions with friends to kick off each new year. It's always fun, insightful, and energizing, and for years I've wanted to be able to offer that to more people. With Your Year to Shine I'm finally able to do that and I'd love for you to join me.

The workshop will include attending a two-hour online goal-setting workshop with me in early January plus a beautifully designed workbook to guide your goal-setting. During Your Year to Shine, I'll walk participants through the goal-setting process I've developed over several years and along the way will share strategies and encouragement. If you join, by the end of the workshop you will have thoughtfully articulated your goals for a year to shine while accounting for your season of life and what matters most to you. Plus you'll have ideas for making progress on your goals that fit your personality. In addition, we'll talk about different tools for planning and tracking goals, how to know if it's time to pivot from or abandon a goal, and I'll share some of my personal goal-setting wins and failures.

I'm hosting the workshop in early January instead of before the new year starts because I've found that I can give my goals and the year ahead my best attention once the holiday hubbub is over. Workshop participants will receive an email ahead of the workshop with the Your Year to Shine workbook along with simple prompts to reflect on to prepare for the workshop.

I started this blog in January 2011 with a post about my goals for the year. Since then I have made it a practice to regularly share my personal goals in this space and on my Girl Next Door Podcast. In the 13 years since that first goals post (!) I've become fascinated with the power and art of goal-setting. Continuing to set goals, working towards them (or pivoting from or abandoning them), and seeing how my life has changed along the way has brought me a lot of wisdom that I love to share. In addition to my personal experience and goal-setting process, I'll be bringing the best lessons from the books I've read about goals, happiness, and being intentional with time.

What I've found is that setting a goal is both a simple and profound act. A goal is simply a statement of something you want to accomplish. But it can also be so much more than that. When well-considered, a goal can be a spark that brings a meaningful impact into your life. In Your Year to Shine I'll guide you to create goals that you'll be excited to carry forward, that fit your season of life, and that will help you make 2024 an intentional and fulfilling year.


Thank you so much for considering joining the workshop, and I'm so happy to share this news with you!