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October 2023

eclipsing / Slide Rock State Park north of Sedona / camping / two half-birthdays in October / the crafts and the mess of fall break Hello from mid-October, friends! We started the month in the woods north of Sedona on our first camping trip as a family of five (Maeve's first). It was just about this time of year and Cedric was just a few months older when we went on our very first Team Wharton camping trip! We had a great trip and Maeve was a champ little camper, helped along by some iPad time in the tent both... Read more →

As of this past week we could declare that we've made it through another hot summer, hallelujah! Let's not think of those endless hot days again until we have to next year. In September we enjoyed being outside again, especially in the morning, and started leaning into fall. From where I sit right now at our dining room table I see little pumpkins at home on our bookshelves, a wax-dripped skull candle holder, and some half-hearted spiderwebs in our front yard tree. (Note: the used spiderwebs at the thrift store are not worth it.) I've pulled jeans on for the... Read more →