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Let's talk about potty training! About three weeks ago we took a weekend to transition Maeve from diapers to underwear and it's gone really well. With everything fresh on my mind I'd love to share what's been working for us plus some memories and perspective from our experiences potty training the boys. Comparing our three experiences I'll start with comparing the experiences of potty training my three kids. The predominant thing I remember about potty training Dash was that I felt overwhelmed. I had done a lot of reading during my pregnancy and even before about having a baby. All... Read more →

Although I turned 39 at the end of December, I’m happy to be finally getting around to my annual tradition and bringing you my list of 38 favorite things in my 38th year. So without further ado, here they are! 1. A sweet end to nursing Maeve and closing the breastfeeding chapter of my life. 2. An early January trip to Austin to snuggle my new niece, Quinn Kelsey. 3. Nespresso milk frother and making my favorite café au laits at home. 4. Tazo glazed lemon loaf tea. The first lemon tea that I’ve loved. 5. A writerly day with... Read more →

Here's what's helpful about keeping a blog and sharing monthly goals: towards the end of the month I can say, "Hmmm, what did I say I wanted to do??" and I have a reference. I did this exact thing last weekend. Even without a goal list I get a lot done every day and every month, and so do you!! There will always be tasks and to-dos to fill my time. (Always, always until retirement I guess?) The challenge is fiercely clearing out a bit of time to keep moving forward on the things that matter to me but that... Read more →