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January 2023

We bought a new car this time last year and it's the first time I have ever owned a brand new car. So I'm just a tad passionate about keeping it clean and organized. Let's just say that I love to tell everyone about what I keep in my car door and that vacuuming out the car is my idea of a good time. I'll get into lots of organizing and car cleanliness talk but first, let me tell you a bit about what we're driving and who we're hauling around. We have a 2022 Hybrid Toyota Sienna and we... Read more →

I had hoped to get our annual family photo by now but alas! So this one from New Year's Eve will have to suffice. On the first Monday of the year, when all three kids were back in school and daycare, Chris and I embarked on a house-wide power delcuttering. It was just what I needed to banish the slightly tired and blah feeling I was carrying into the new year. When we were done we had donated, sold, or gifted bags and bags of things we no longer needed, the kids' closets were tidy and had empty space to... Read more →

Happy new year! We enjoyed a gray and all-day rainy day on the first day of the year which was cozy and wonderful for these sun-drenched desert dwellers. We've put all of the Christmas decor away except for the tree which I wanted to let linger with just its lit branches. I'm really leaning into having a fake tree and how long we can have it up. Yesterday, on January 2, was when I felt new year energy bubbling up. I woke up extra early at 4:30 am for my Monday morning ritual of coffee, catching up in my line-a-day... Read more →