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September 2022

Appreciating how well Maeve is sleeping! Wow we have come a long, long, long way. Occasionally she'll protest her nap and skip it but usually she'll nap for an hour and a half at least. She usually still cries for a very short time at nap time and bedtime but sometimes not at all. She never wakes up at night and waits for her light-up clock to glow green before calling out to us to come her her. Excited by our very successful Patreon launch for The Girl Next Door Podcast. Over 160 listeners signed up to financially support the... Read more →

My 38th birthday has come and long gone but I'd still love to share my favorites for the previous year. I hope to get my 38 favorites out on time this year! Stay tuned... Here are my 37 favorite things from the year I was 37: 1. Launching my audioblog. And, instead of only two months (April and October) like my original goal I started in April and have kept it going. During a year that was so demanding I’m so proud that I made this creative project happen. The feedback from listeners has been so positive and it’s creatively... Read more →

We really love the green-pink combo. It's September, we're settling into routine, and I have one foot into fall while also feeling grumpy about the persistent heat. Sounds about right! In August we saw the completion of all the big house updates we've been doing, whew! Having the entire interior of the house painted took about two weeks and was unfun to live through (but not as bad as getting new flooring!). I love the way our paint colors look with our new flooring and the overall fresh, calm look. When the noise and energy of the house feel chaotic... Read more →