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Today I have another “currently” post for you where I capture memories and feelings that I'm having or have had over the past month. I love the practice of writing these posts because they help me step out of the fast-moving current of life and really see what life is right now. I love to see what changes season to season and year to year. And what stays the same. I find comfort in noting what feels everyday right now that ultimately will be fleeting and what is an anchor that comes around every year. Like every August I start getting a bit down about the heat but then I also appreciate being back into the school year routine. Sometimes the first flocks of honking geese have passed over our house by this time and we stop to listen for the whoosh of their flapping. I hope that hearing my reflections will inspire you to stop and think about how you could specifically describe your life right now, here at the end of August.


Settling into our school year routine and family rhythm which has me breathing a contented sigh of relief.

Feeling social. Perhaps it's all the deferred socializing from the pandemic and having a baby over the past two-plus years. Maybe it's that I have some breathing room with the boys back in school. Whatever it is, I'm feeling drawn to connect with people and am filling my calendar more than usual. It's been lovely and I am always thankful to be so rich in friends.

Icing and foam rolling to keep my legs feeling good through four or more workout each week.


Smitten to see our house renovations of flooring, interior paint, and a bedroom update near completion.

Pondering what art to put back up on our walls and wishing I had more confidence in art placement. I love home design and decor and feel confident about some choices but less so in others. To glean wisdom I've checked out two home design books from the library, both by Emily Henderson: Styled and The New Design Rules.

Bringing Sunday soups back into the weekly menu. This lentil soup is a stand-by favorite.


Putting another annual book club retreat to Sedona in the books. It's a weekend I look forward to all year.

Finding quality time weekly with Chris during budget dates at Mythical Coffee and monthly-ish Saturday day dates. We've found that scheduling dates for 2–8 p.m. is perfect for us and I would highly recommend it. You get quality time together when you aren't exhausted, can miss bedtime shenanigans, but still get home early enough for a good night sleep. Highly recommend!

Remembering a fun Saturday day date from this weekend that included afternoon coffee and picking out a beautiful piece of live-edge olive wood that Chris will turn into a headboard for us. Then we met up with friends and played Qwixx before feasting on sushi at Kaizen.

Thankful for babysitters who make those weekend dates possible.


Savoring a recent Monday afternoon when Chris and the boys were home but Maeve was still at daycare. We made popcorn and then sat quietly absorbed in our books or making art for a stretch of time. It was magical. So often the boys are all energy or even if they aren't then Maeve is keeping us busy. It was lovely to enjoy rare, companionable quiet with the boys.

Starting to think about my fall book queue and craving cozy, dark, or eerie (but not too scary!) reads. I'm eagerly anticipating the sixth Cormoran Strike book, The Ink Black Heart, at the end of this month and am already on the library waiting list.


Brainstorming ideas for Fall Extravaganza for the Girl Next Door and noticing other signs of the season shift to come, like evening coming early enough to sometimes switch on the backyard string lights and fall-scented things showing up at Target. Here for it!

Waiting to hear the first flock of geese fly over our house for the season. I'm thinking it should be any day.

Buying some birthday gifts for Chris who turns 45 next month!


Unable to resist this black cat dress for Maeve.

In disbelief that I just bought size 6 diapers for Maeve. They're still a tad big but her fives are feeling snug. I can't believe we've climbed the diaper ladder, from newborn to 6, a third time. I know it'll be glorious when Maeve potty trains but honestly I don't feel in a hurry. Stay my baby a bit longer, Maeve-o.

Appreciating your comments on my post about simplifying dinner. Chris and I had a good discussion recently about how to embrace the dinner season that we're in.

Finding time to paint my nails and moisturize my cuticles which is keeping my hands calm.

Planning to try black nail polish for the first time in October when it seems seasonally appropriate.


Watching dramatic monsoon skies roll in over our house and loving all the rain we've had this month.

Debuting a new name for our house, Morning House, which feels perfect for our home where the coffee and inhabitants get going early.


Marveling at Maeve's language, which has advanced to full sentences, and and her pretend play. Lately she loves to bake in her kitchen (tortillas are a specialty) and she is delighted with a hand-me-down doctor kit from her cousin. As a result, many of her dolls and family members have become afflicted with horrible diseases and injuries. But thankfully she is able to cure us all!

Reminding myself to take my own advice about solo parenting from a recent Girl Next Door podcast episode when Chris is out of town this coming weekend. A few ideas include: making plans with friends, tidying the house with Chris before he leaves, getting grocery shopping done, and making sure to tuck away a post-bedtime treat to enjoy at the end of my days. These Kodiak brownie cups are my favorite right now.

Starting my Monday with focused writing time and getting this post done. I'm always amazed at how much I can accomplish with no phone or internet distractions. Doing so reminds me of Deep Work, a book and concept I think of often.

Wishing you a productive week and a pleasant last week and a half of August!


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