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Savoring bike rides and stroller walks in the warm, breezy spring weather.

Finding a lunch routine that is working well for me (a goal this year) by filling a plate with easy, delicious, healthy things like sliced cucumber and dip, delicious cheese, pecan pie energy bites, and seedy crackers. In my head I was calling this a farmer's lunch but perhaps I should call it a writer's lunch.


Noticing how sweet and tidy Maeve's hair looks in back after getting her a trim. Toddler mullet no more! And,

Celebrating Maeve wearing a joyful whale spout for a whole day and letting me put a clip in her hair the next day. Establishing a hair routine with Maeve is one of my goals this year and this is big progress. This week she let me do pigtails!

Reconnecting with friends who moved to Richmond, Virginia several years ago and reminded of the rare pleasure of finding great couple friends.

Exploring where you can list your home and find another family to swap houses with (like in the movie The Holiday!). My sister-in-law has been doing this for years and has had amazing travel experiences with her family. I would be so curious to know if any of you are on Home Exchange and what your experience has been like. As Maeve gets older I'd like to start traveling more with our family and this seems like a more affordable and interesting way to do it.

Scheduling monthly house cleanings and exhaling a satisfied and appreciative sigh after each one.

Ordering new flooring!!! I've been dreaming of getting new flooring for approximately a decade. Finding a light, warm, wood-look luxury vinyl plank flooring without a lot of color variation or grain was not easy! At one point I thought it was impossible. But I was saved by the Swiss oak LVP in almond from Mannington, hooray! Unfortunately the floors won't arrive until mid-May but until then I'm letting go of caring about all the dinner that Maeve throws on our increasingly horrible carpet.

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Appreciating a recent afternoon with neighbor mom friends on a shady patio in the perfect spring weather. We celebrated the soon-to-be newest member of our neighborhood kid gang and her mama with a surprise shower plus shared honest and hilarious girl talk. All of it made me realize how happy and filled up I am in the presence of women with a few hours to pass in relaxation.

Arranging eucalyptus and wax flowers for shower table arrangements and quite pleased with the results.

Inspired by a recent performance of Black Violin that Chris and I attended. The classical-meets-hip-hop violin and viola duo who met in middle school orchestra with accompaniment by drums, a DJ, and keyboard. I love music that defies and blends genres in new ways and I couldn't help tap my foot and dance in my seat. The performers were also cheerful and shared upbeat encouragement about pursuing your passion.

Marking several recipes to try from the beautiful Snacking Cakes which I borrowed from the library.

Anticipating quickly warming temperatures and thinking about the little hot-weather things that I can look forward to: mid-morning iced coffee, backyard water play with Maeve, coconut popsicles, perfect summer fruit, #coldtreatsWednesday....hmmm I'd love to add to this list. I'll be thinking!

Delighting in watching the boys be completely absorbed in reading Harry Potter books. In my head I'm saying, "It's happening! It's happening!"

Wanting to keep Maeve at her perfect not-yet-two age but excited for what's to come, too.

Noticing how comfortable we are with the boys' independence and playing on our street with friends under limited supervision.

Planning a movie night with girl friends to see The Lost City which looks hilarious.

Watching our front yard palo verde trees for their first yellow blooms.

Listening to The Song of Achilles and am completely absorbed in the beautiful writing and the unfolding story.

Remembering how much I used to love listening to Selected Shorts on NPR which prompted me to subscribe their podcast.

Pulling our cute Easter tote bags from the closet and browsing this post from Yummy Toddler Food for inspiration to fill them.

Adding evening walks with audiobooks in the lingering light back into my weekly routine. I have fond memories of these walks while I was waiting for Maeve and am thinking they should always be a spring habit.

Wishing you a lovely, productive week!


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