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March reflections and gentle goals

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It's time to reflect on and wrap up February. I've been tweaking how I approach these "currently" posts and thought I would try doing a monthly goals recap at the beginning. I don't really like looking backwards in my monthly goals posts but I do like the accountability and transparency of sharing how I did on my goals. So let's try this!

February goals review:

+ Create a Prius memorial in the garage. Photos have been ordered and delivered. I need to go pick out some frames and then hang the photos in the garage with the old Prius license plate.

+ PTSO (Parent, Teacher, Student Organization) website update. I've completed what I need to on my end and I've reached out to get the tech support I need for the final steps. I'm annoyed that this isn't' completed but it's out of my control.

+ Plan a date with Chris! Yes! Actually Chris planned this for us and it was made possible by Chris's sister. For Christmas, she gave us a gift card to The Hidden House plus babysitting so we took her up on the generous offer. We saw the new Matrix movie (and really liked it), ate a delicious dinner on a beautiful patio, and had ice cream for dessert.

+ Complete car organization. Nearly done. We have seat covers underneath all of the car seats/booster seats to protect the seats plus there are Wet Ones and tissues on hand, and emergency snacks (AKA a box of Annie's cheddar bunnies) in the trunk. I still need to organize the deep middle console.

+ Declutter and organize my bathroom counter and closet shelf. In progress! This project feels like a domino project. Trying to organize one space feels like it necessitates organizing another spot, and so on.


Also in February...

Heartsick over the war in Ukraine and worried about the ripple effects around the world.

Glued to my phone too much over the past week.

Thankful for podcast episodes from The Daily, The Journal, Up First, and Pantsuit Politics which have given me a deeper understanding of the situation as well as first-hand accounts of Ukrainians.

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Noticing that Maeve's language has taken another leap. Just in the past week she can express herself more clearly and it's making all the difference in keeping her in a sunny mood.

Listening to the podcast Maintenance Phase (recommended by the Friendlier podcast gals) which describes itself as "debunking the junk science behind health fads, wellness scams and nonsensical nutrition advice." This kind of content is my jam. I found the episodes on Rachel Hollis, body mass index, and the keto diet especially fascinating.

Reading more slowly this year but accepting the ebb and flow. Last year I listened to lots of audiobooks while I was home with Maeve and the boys were at school. Now when Maeve's at daycare I'm writing and doing other things. When I'm home with Maeve she's too interactive to focus on an audiobook. Recently I finished working my way through the My Lady Jane audiobook which I enjoyed. I decided to abandon two books that I liked but didn't love enough that I was making time to read them (The House of Gucci and The Electricity of Every Living Thing). I'm going to try to only pick up and stick with books that I'm really loving. To that end I've found two good ones: The Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth on Kindle and One, Two, Three by Laurie Frankel on audio.


Reminiscing about our road trip with the boys to Universal Studios in California. It was our first long road trip with the boys, our first trip to a theme park as a family, and our first long trek in our new minivan. We had a great time and really appreciated our new car. At Universal Studios we all loved the Harry Potter experience and the boys rode The Flight of the Hippogriff over and over and over again. It was a quick trip but we made time to visit the Pacific Ocean and found delicious food at Urth Cafe and Blackheart Coffee. We all missed Maeve a lot (my parents were babysitting superheros) but it felt really special to have time with just our big boys.

Grateful for the community and friendships that I've found at High Fitness. Often during class I think that I need to write an essay about High Fitness and the unique way it connects me to my body and to other women. I can't think of any other experience I have that combines camaraderie with other women and moms, body positivity, intense exercise, and music appreciation. I leave class glistening with sweat but smiling every time. Oh, and for all this goodness I pay just $5/class.


Making an occasional Friday evening ritual of ordering the best baked french toast from Uprooted Kitchen which I enjoy while catching up with a dear friend on the phone. Then, I walk around beautiful Agritopia neighborhood as we continue our conversation.

Keeping our yard looking tidy with constant vigilance against weeds and raking our front yard rocks after the boys play and climb the trees.


Tending to my indoor plants which are loving the sun of our south-facing windows. My Christmas cactus, which is descended from a plant my grandmother kept, even has its first blooms in years!


Doing a double-take often when I look at Cedric lately. He has grown so tall so suddenly (measuring significantly taller than Dash was at his age) and now has one giant adult top front tooth. I can't believe he was once my little toddler with the biggest cheeks.


Eating heart-shaped pizza for Valentine's day.

Wondering where the real estate market and economy is heading. Many predictions say that house prices will continue to rise and supply chains will continue to be disrupted. None of it feels sustainable. Are we heading for another version of 2008?

Craving more connection with friends. But not quite sure how to make that happen. It feels like one more thing to coordinate and fit in even though I'm wanting more.

Watching Only Murders in the Building with Chris and we're completely obsessed. I love the cast, the plot, the twists, the cameos from Tina Fey, the music, and of course the podcast connection. We only have two episodes to go and I'll be so sad when it's over although apparently there will be a second season this year, hooray!

Playing Wordle daily. Are you playing?! The "CYNIC" on Valentine's Day and later TACIT and RUPEE were particularly challenging but especially satisfying to solve. Lately, I like to start with AUDIO (feels right being a podcaster), RAISE, or RAILS.

Looking for a spring top to wear to a baby shower and on Easter.

Delighted to have met the nicest Girl Next Door Podcast listener recently who recognized me at a local park!

Making note of the fun and new-to-us Signal Butte Park just a few miles east of us where we went for a Sunday morning play after getting donuts.

Feeling like I have too many things on my to-do list lately (one of the things I said I want to avoid this year) and trying to figure out where I can simplify.


But also wondering if that feeling is just life with a toddler?

Putting away groceries from a Costco date with my mother-in-law yesterday. We don't have a membership but maybe I'll plan to go with her every couple of months. We go through vast quantities of applesauce pouches, tube yogurts, and goldfish crackers. We also love the frozen salmon burgers there! Do you have any Costco favorites I should look for?

Hoping that you are taking gentle care of yourself. I'm reminding myself with this key chain.


Currently: February 2021