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September 2021

Feeling... the light and air change just enough that my summer despair is starting to lift. Apparently it happens every year about mid-September! Loving... creating my delicious fall-inspired home-brew coffee each morning: for my small pot of coffee each morning I use two scoops of decaf coffee, two scoops of Trader Joe's pumpkin spice coffee, and one scoop of regular coffee. (I like my coffee strong!) In my brewed coffee I use two tablespoons of half and half and two tablespoons of pumpkin spice Silk almond creamer. It's so good I prefer it to getting coffee out anywhere. Recently I... Read more →

This post is also available as a podcast in which I read the post. Search for "rising shining" on most podcast platforms to listen. As the year rounds August and heads into September the pace of life starts speeding up. As evidenced by my September goals post mid-month! There's weekly homework, sports get underway (soccer and basketball this fall), and we're starting to talk about Halloween. On the one hand I love getting into our school year routines. The boys seem to thrive with the structure, socializing, and challenge of school. And I'm so thankful it's in-person this year. Maeve... Read more →