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Goals - March 2021

March goals | RISING*SHINING

Like all of you, I'm thinking of this time last year. So naively we headed into spring break as we read that cases of something called coronavirus were starting to pop up in the U.S. and especially New York City. By the end of spring break our school would not be reopening and the axis of our relatively easy, predictable life tilted to a jarring angle. And we all know how it went after that. I feel that we should mark this anniversary of living a stay-at-home life and honor this year that was hard for us but so much harder for others. I also think we can celebrate doing our best, helping where we could, and making the year as normal and fun for the boys as possible. Will you be marking the year in any way? I'd love to know.

It's interesting that in March of last year the world changed and this year in March we (hopefully) can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I remember the late days of March last year, sitting with my mom in our grassy, shady backyard, waiting and waiting for Maeve to be born, and talking over and over what we knew about the pandemic (which was very little) as well as what the president was doing/saying. We worried over how fast a vaccine could possibly be developed, how I could possibly manage at home with two boys and a baby, if Chris's income would be affected, and how everything would affect the presidential election. This year that same spot in my backyard is now a patio that overlooks a backyard studio. We have three approved vaccines and several people in my family and friend circle have been vaccinated. We made the best of it with the boys and recently even felt that we could return them to school. And the presidential election ultimately went the way we wanted it to although was tumultuous through the inauguration. We have been very fortunate even as they year was challenging for us. What. A. Year.

On to this month...

Big things happening this month:

+ My parents are in town through late March, hooray!

+ Chris's mom has surgery. She'll have an uncomfortable recovery and we plan to deliver a couple of meals and other cheer.

+ Spring break. A week plus a Monday. Chris will plan to take two days off and the weather will be beautiful. I'd like to have some kind of activity each day to give us some structure. But honestly, what's a week of having the boys home when I had them at home for 11 months?

+ One year of living through a pandemic.

March goals:

+ Exercise four times each week. As I've shared in previous posts, my exercise habit is closely tied to Maeve's sleep right now. Ideally I wake early, ride my bike, do a quick strength work out, then take a quick shower and dress for the day. That has happened infrequently the past two weeks. To make this happen I need to work on my next goal of...

+ Go to bed earlier. I stay up too late reading! Not the worst habit to have but staying up later means I'm too tired when my alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. then I don't exercise and I don't feel as good. To help me go to bed earlier I should floss and brush my teeth soon after dinner. While Maeve is in the bath I can wash my face and put on moisturizer, even change into my pajamas. That way as soon as everyone is asleep I can get in bed, read for an hour and hopefully still go to sleep by 9 p.m. or earlier.

+ Prioritize creative work time at least twice per week. Chris's work schedule is easing up a bit so I hope I could get some weekday work time plus one or two chunks on the weekend. In March I'll be getting content ready for a new creative project that will run during the month of April.

+ Catch up on 1 Second Everyday. I started using this app in January and was very diligent until early February. Luckily it's not very hard to get caught up and the result, seeing a short video or photo from each day, is so satisfying.

Recurring monthly goals:

+ One on one dates with each of the boys.

+ Three at-home dates with Chris. While my parents kept the boys for this past weekend we had so much having a game night, just like old times! We played Patchwork (a favorite) and Azul.


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