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I'm excited to share the launch of a month-long creative project, the RISING*SHINING audioblog! During the month of April I will be releasing all blog posts in two formats: written and in podcast form in which they will be read aloud by me. In addition to new content I'm also going to experiment with releasing older blog posts as new episodes as a way to refresh older content and to give listeners more episodes. To hear the audioblog you'll be able to listen in two ways: use the embedded player at the top of the post or subscribe to the... Read more →

Inspired by... Coronavirus numbers going down and vaccination numbers going up, especially in Arizona. I'm also feeling inspired by a new project that I've been working on and will share with you this week! Watching... Flowers and new growth popping up all over. I let out a small excited squeal to see our ocotillo plant with tiny green leaves. In previous years leaves have appeared but then turned brown and fell off. This year I'm going to try watering it more consistently (previously I was told not to give it much water). I've also been rewatching Ted Lasso. I think... Read more →

Chris was one of the first people I know to start wearing a mask – kudos, Chris! / Remember the chalk art season of the pandemic? / Getting vaccinated! Then I had a mounting sense of unease as rising cases of COVID-19 caused the NBA to suspend its season, as professional conferences were cancelled, and schools began shuttering. Then we started to feel the world shift beneath our feet as more and more aspects of "normal" life were paused. Each day brought more anxiety as the foreign word "coronavirus" began to dominate conversations. We wondered how long it would take... Read more →

Lately I feel acutely aware of time. Perhaps it's the pandemic and how we have a sense of hitting the pause button on life or at least "normal" life. It's also having a baby and perhaps especially having a baby along the same seasonal timeline as our first baby. As winter warms into spring I feel an aching nostalgia for the spring Dashiell was born while simultaneously experiencing the joy of having a baby all over again – and a baby that looks so similar to my first baby! The deja vu-nostalgia will catch me as we walk through the... Read more →

Like all of you, I'm thinking of this time last year. So naively we headed into spring break as we read that cases of something called coronavirus were starting to pop up in the U.S. and especially New York City. By the end of spring break our school would not be reopening and the axis of our relatively easy, predictable life tilted to a jarring angle. And we all know how it went after that. I feel that we should mark this anniversary of living a stay-at-home life and honor this year that was hard for us but so much... Read more →