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Two Weeks In

She's here!!

After making us wait for so long...

She's here! | RISING*SHINING

Maeve Elizabeth finally joined us Sunday morning. She was so sweet to let us get a full night of sleep and then arrived quickly, in just three hours, and was born at 9 a.m. She weighed 8 lb and 10 oz and was 20.75 inches long. Her birth was so quick after we waited so long for her – it was really surreal to be holding her! 

She's here! | RISING*SHINING She's here! | RISING*SHINING
Our birth at the birth center was an incredible and peaceful experience. Compared to my previous two births I felt even more present and empowered by this birth. I was able to birth in the water and Chris caught her as she was born. I love my birth story with Maeve and look forward to sharing it in detail here soon. (Dashiell and Cedric's birth stories if you'd like to read.)

She's here! | RISING*SHINING She's here! | RISING*SHINING
We were able to come home with Maeve by Sunday afternoon. Serendipitously, my mom had kept the boys overnight on Saturday so after we were home with Maeve my mom brought the boys to meet her. They exclaimed over how cute she was and were excited to hold her. Dashiell asked me if I was ready to play tetherball with him. :)

She's here! | RISING*SHINING She's here! | RISING*SHINING
It's felt sweetly familiar to have a newborn again; the smell, the sounds, all the soft blankets and clothes. We're just marveling at our beautiful baby girl who is finally here and slowly figuring out what life looks like as a family of five. Also a family of five at home during a pandemic. What an experience!

More soon. So happy to share this joyful news with you, friends.