Baby #3 / 39 Weeks
March Wrap Up

Pregnancy Favorites

My pregnancy is drawing to a close and I'm reflecting on the things I've loved these last 40 weeks. From maternity clothes to foods to books there have been some stand-out favorites that I'd love to share with you...

Pregnancy Favorites | RISING*SHINING Pregnancy Favorites | RISING*SHININGMy maternity wardrobe is bigger than these eight items (one not pictured) but these are the things I'm reaching for on a near daily basis. Honestly it's kind of been the capsule wardrobe of my dreams. I love not putting much thought into what I'm wearing for the day but still feeling pulled together and comfortable. As evidenced by bathroom mirror selfies, my go-to daily outfit has been jeans or leggings plus a tunic top and a cardigan. I have a few more tops that I've sprinkled in but these items have been the favorites. I'm so glad that most of my pregnancy has fallen during cooler weather as layers are lovely for dressing a bump.

Pre-pregnancy I had a workout capsule wardrobe and I essentially recreated it for pregnancy: two pairs of workout capri pants and three tops.

1. Daily Ritual tunic t-shirts. These were such a great find and I'm so thrilled that they aren't maternity! I usually wear a small or medium in clothes but ordered these in large and they are perfect. I plan to order a smaller size post-pregnancy and will keep rocking them. I have the colors pictured above: stripe, black, and dusty pink.

2. Cardigans (similar). I bought two open-front cardigans (mustard yellow and light pink) from Target in my usual size (small) and they have been perfect for this pregnancy.

Gap maternity undershirt (not pictured). Even with over-the-belly waistbands I like the comfort of wearing an undershirt. Plus it's a nice extra layer on cooler days. I wear this simple white one almost every day. It was actually a hand-me-down that I think was mine originally that I passed on and it came back to me! I really should have bought a second one since I wore it so much.

3. Pullover sweatshirt (similar). A cozy layer for wearing to/from workouts this winter and for wearing around the house in the morning when I'm still in my pajamas.

4. Gap breathe racerback work out tank. These are a non-pregnancy go-to workout shirt and I like the maternity version pretty well. However, I do wish they weren't quite as low cut. Pregnancy means a bigger chest so give us some more coverage, please! I bought two in medium (my usual size) and one large. The large is definitely fitting better at the end of my pregnancy.

5. Loft maternity jeans. I bought this pair of jeans for myself and it's the only pair I wore during pregnancy although I was given several hand-me-down pairs. Other skinny jeans just felt too restrictive even when they were the right size. The full panel on these was comfortable and not too night. I also liked the fit that was slim through the hips and legs but then more of a slim-straight cut at the bottom. With about two weeks of pregnancy left I wore a hold in the inner thigh (this happens to nearly all my jeans because I usually just have one pair and wear them a ton) but I took them to a tailor and for $20 had the inner thighs reinforced. I'm sure I'll be wearing them for a while post-pregnancy so I'm glad I had this done. Plus now I can pass them on.

6. Gap full panel maternity leggings. Oh so comfortable! At 39 weeks pregnant my maternity jeans are starting to feel too restrictive and I'm living in these. They are soft, stretchy, and not see through.

7. Gap blackout maternity workout capris. I kept wearing my pre-pregnancy workout capris for far too long. When a friend handed down a pair of these they were heaven. Since I was working out three times a week I felt justified in purchasing a second pair.

Pregnancy Favorites | RISING*SHINING

1. Fruit. All the fruit! Blueberries, pineapple, mandarin oranges, Honeycrisp apples, red grapes, mango...can't get enough.

2. Lärabars. I rediscovered these unassuming bars this pregnancy. Chocolate gives me heartburn so I've been sticking to peanut butter cookie and cashew cookie. But post-pregnancy I'm looking forward to expanding to flavors with chocolate.

3. Premier Protein drinks. At times when my heartburn has been really bad these vanilla (not chocolate: heartburn!) protein drinks have been dinner. Sometimes I'll also drink half of one in the middle of the night when I wake up hungry.

4. Spearmint gum. Later in my pregnancy I've found that chewing mint gum helps my heartburn and the slight nauseous feeling I sometimes get.


Pregnancy Favorites | RISING*SHININGGreat With Child. This beautiful reflection on pregnancy and motherhood is a reread from my first pregnancy. It would also make a perfect gift for any expectant mamas in your life.

Mindful Birthing. A friend lent this book to me and I really enjoyed reading through the chapters specific to pain management during birth.


I'd love to hear your pregnancy favorites!