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March 2020

Hi friends, how are you? These are weird and scary times and I wanted to say hi. There's so much uncertainty and change related to the coronavirus pandemic and my anxiety is certainly higher than it's been in months. It's an especially weird time for us because we also have this unknown of when we'll be adding a fifth family member and how life will change after that. So it feels especially hard to plan right now which is challenging for me. Life went from feeling pretty normal at the beginning of the week to feeling eerie as we headed... Read more →

March 2020: the month we (will most likely) meet our baby girl! My due date is March 26 so it's not out of the question that she could be an April baby but I hope it will be this month. The beginning of March brought spring to the desert. As much as I love the fall and winter, I love the fresh feeling of spring. What a lovely time for a baby. I'm writing this from our breakfast table, while eating oatmeal and drinking cinnamon tea, on the first day of the boys' spring break. The back door is open... Read more →

Baby bump status: With about a month to go I'm really popping out! I can see a big difference between 36 weeks and my last post at 32 weeks. Lately I've unintentionally run into things with my belly, whoops!, so I think its size is catching me off guard. The baby should be around 6 pounds now! Her movements aren't quite as big as she runs out of room, mostly some rolling as limbs move or a knee/foot pressing out, but she remains active. She still gets the hiccups fairly regularly. At my last midwife appointment my midwife didn't think... Read more →

As the last week of February began I looked at my blog to see that I only posted once this month. I felt slightly annoyed at myself for a minute and then went to look at my calendar to see where all my time went last month: recording lots of podcasts so we're way ahead when the baby arrives, setting up two new rooms in the house (the boys' room and the baby room), and getting everything we need to welcome a baby. Looking through my pictures for the month also reminded me that it was a busy, fun, productive... Read more →