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Baby #3 / 39 Weeks

Baby #3 / 39 Weeks | RISING*SHINING

My due date is THURSDAY. At this point I'm more pregnant than I was with Cedric (he was born three days early) and we'll see if this pregnancy goes longer than Dashiell's (born on his due date). With one early and one on time I'm wondering if I'm due for a "late" baby? I hope not because we are ready to meet this lady. Since she could arrive on the scene any day I wanted to get one more pregnancy post written to capture what the end of this pregnancy looks like.

Baby bump status: I'm three days away from my due date so these are my last few days (hopefully) of having a baby bump. I've enjoyed dressing a baby bump and savored the experienced of carrying another baby. It's been fun to be visibly pregnant and have strangers ask me about the baby. I'm also starting to think about what it will feel like to not have a baby bump any more and don't feel too sad. Mostly because then I'll be holding my baby! Our baby girl could be between seven and eight pounds by now. Considering that both boys were nine and a half pounds at birth I'm guessing she's closer to eight or more. No wonder my lower back has been achy. Sitting with a heating pad on my back has been lovely. The baby is still moving quite a bit and she feels so strong. She still gets the hiccups frequently.

Interestingly I've gained the least weight during this pregnancy compared with my first two. I'm betting this mostly has to do with how active I was heading into and throughout the pregnancy. How my body would change was a bit of a worry I had going into a third pregnancy but instead I've embraced the changes and my size and have appreciated how amazing my body is for carrying a baby. I want to keep practicing this mindset with my postpartum body.

How I'm feeling: What a mixed bag this prompt has become given the global pandemic we're in the middle of. Physically I continue to feel really good, especially considering I'm 39 weeks pregnant. My ankles haven't been swelling as much lately and other than heartburn, discomfort bending over, and an achy back I feel really good. Emotionally I'm both so (so!) excited to hold our baby girl while also holding some worry in my heart about keeping a baby healthy and what the next several weeks (months?) looks like in the world. At this point I'm not even sure what a pediatrician visit looks like or if I'll want to take her in for visits other than vaccinations. I'm wondering about buying a baby scale for the house and seeing if I can do virtual visits. Perhaps that's something I can research since everything else is done. Over the past few days I've been able to put a lot of the initial worry I had over the news aside and mostly focus on the excitement of having a baby. The news hasn't improved but I'm trying to focus on what I know and can control and try no to think much beyond that.

Eating: I continue to fantasize about eating big meals after giving birth, especially foods that I'm limiting right now because of heartburn. Pizza features large in these daydreams. I'm really, really excited to not deal with heartburn any more. Since we started staying home because of the pandemic I've been baking more and enjoying blueberry muffins (I use half the sugar called for) and chocolate banana bread. All the carbs sound delicious right now. It might be a pregnancy thing or very likely a comfort thing.

Exercise: My exercise routine was upended this past week when my Orange Theory gym closed. I also chose not to go to my Monday night High Fitness class and then the next day the rec center where it's held was closed. I'm a little bummed because I've felt really proud of staying so active throughout this pregnancy and won't get to keep up my routine until the very end. But I'm also thankful that the closures are coming so near the end so really I'm not missing many workouts. I so hope that my exercise classes will be offered regularly when I'm ready to start working out again after the birth. However, I am mentally preparing for them not to be and will spend some nursing sessions exploring online/at-home options. The one exercise I am keeping up is getting my 10,000 steps per day. I've missed a day here and there but feel committed and enjoy going on walks in the neighborhood to get my steps.

Baby #3 / 39 Weeks | RISING*SHININGSleep tracked by my Fitbit. Red indicates awake time.

Sleep: Nothing new here: so disrupted. Heartburn varies night to night which wakes me up/keeps me up. I'm also just so excited that labor could be starting at any time so I think that's messing with my sleep. What really helps is if I can sleep in. I need to be in bed as long as possible to try to get eight hours of sleep which is when I feel rested.

Preparing for another baby: We are completely ready. It feels so good! For this baby it felt like we got a later start getting ready and I wondered if we'd be scrambling until the end. But just as I hoped we were essentially ready by 38 weeks. Last week my mom and I spent a cozy, rainy day stocking the freezer with meals and snacks and that was the last thing on my list I wanted to get done. With Chris home we've been keeping the house really clean which also helps me feel ready. The one indulgent thing on my list that I won't get to do is get a mani/pedi since I don't want to be out and about. But I can paint my own fingernails and maybe reach my toenails? We'll see.

I'm a little nervous about the actual birth and how intense and fast it will be (Cedric's birth was four hours). But at this point my excitement to have the baby is outweighing my nerves about the actual birth. I know I can do it. I'll be supported and safe. I will trust my body. And at the end I'll get to hold my baby.

Looking forward to: The first moment when she's born and placed on my chest. What I remember from my other two births is the amazing experience of immediate, incredible relief of birth being over and the euphoria of holding my baby. There is nothing else like it in the world and I can't wait to experience it again. Also looking forward to labor starting, knowing "this is it!", and seeing what this birth experience will be like. Can't wait to see what she looks like and to share her name with everyone. I'm so proud of the boys for keeping her name a secret for all the weeks that they've known!

P.S. 38 weeks with Dashiell