Trying Out An Allowance System
Baby #3 / 32 Weeks

January Wrap Up

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This year I'm excited to be using an It's Currently 2020 workbook from Tracy. I got started on it this month listing my intentions for the year and reflected on January. Grab yourself one if you want to join in.

How was your January? The month felt really long to me but in a good way. There was time for so much. The boys went back to school, I settled back into my weekday routine. Erica and I started recording lots of podcast episodes so that we can work ahead. Dash's winter soccer season started. I even fit in a trip to Austin. Also happening in our family: Dashiell has now lost three teeth in a little over a month, Cedric asked to start playing violin, and Chris arranged to take each of the boys to work with him for a day. How sweet is that? They loved it.

The weather is also glorious: Chilly. Occasionally cloudy. Very cozy. It makes me so happy. I was thinking that I actually feel like a different person in the winter months. The long, hot, bright summers can feel like a weight as we get into August, September...October and it's still so hot. What's the opposite of a sun lamp? Sitting in a dark cold room maybe? Kidding. But also not. Perhaps you can relate if you live somewhere with long, dark winters and feel that you come alive in the summers.

What I also enjoyed about January is having the holiday planning and hubbub behind us and feeling like it is now time to focus on getting ready for a baby. I love to plan and prepare as you know and getting ready for a baby is the funnest project.

And now to check in on January goals...

January goals update:

+ Start an allowance system for the boys. Yes!

+ No added sugar challenge. Yes. Chris joined me for this challenge and we both really enjoyed it. I will admit that I made a few exceptions during the month although they were minor. For example, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law hosted a family baby shower for us and I had a piece of cake. When I was in Austin with Cedric I didn't have any sweets but I didn't read labels diligently to check for added sugar. On the last day of January I made the double chocolate brownies (made with sweet potato! they were divine) from my new favorite cookbook Half The Sugar All The Love to bring to my in-law's for dinner and they had added sugar but a low amount. I feel great about how I did this month and we're planning to continue eating minimal added sugar.

+ Get the boys' new room and nursery painted. Didn't happen this month due to the painter's schedule but he'll be here Monday!

+ Make mega list of everything we need/need to do before baby and start getting stuff done. Haven't done this and should do it. Right now this list exists in my head and probably in random lists on Google Keep.

+ Start working on our 2019 family photo book. Yes! I started a book and have all the photos uploaded but I haven't placed photos on pages.

Other January wins:

+ Passed my glucose test to confirm that I have not developed gestational diabetes. I wasn't concerned about this but it was still great news to get.

+ Had a Girl Next Door Podcast 2020 planning meeting with Erica. We planned out our content for the year and developed a schedule that will allow us to pre-record episodes to cover my "maternity leave" and most of the summer.

+ Went on a really fun organization girl friend date. My genius friend Becky invited friends to identify ONE annoying area of their house that needs to be organized: a closet, a drawer, a shelf. We posted pictures of the "befores" in a Facebook event group. Then one Saturday afternoon we all went to The Container Store together and bought the organizing materials we needed. It was fun to browse the aisles and help each other figure out what to get. Afterwards we went to dinner. The following week we posted the "after" pictures. (And actually I still need to complete mine! Laundry room shelf and bathroom cabinets...) I loved that it was a fun and productive outing with friends.

+ Hiked the Wave Cave at 30 weeks pregnant.

+ Went to Austin with Cedric. It was a treat to get time with just my little (soon to be middle!) one and to enjoy one last trip to Austin before our baby arrives.

+ Volunteered at the boys' school library. I'm hoping that can be a one to two times per month volunteer gig.

+ Posted consistently on my blog. I have so been enjoying writing here and find it energizing.


And now, on to February!