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February Wrap Up

Goals - February 2020

Goals - February 2020 | RISING*SHINING

This week a friend said, "Now you can say you're having a baby next month!" February 2020 is presenting itself as a wonderfully normal month before the month I'll give birth. What a rare and magical place to be.

So I'll be soaking up what normal life is life right now – soccer practice, writing sessions, Orange Theory, making second breakfasts and endless snacks, podcast recording, reading books aloud with one boy on each side of me, trips to Trader Joe's alone, bike riding with the boys to school, feeling a baby girl kick inside me, cooking dinner while the boys play outside with friends, visits to my midwife, date nights with Chris. Reading past February goals posts (at the bottom of this post) lets me dip into life one year ago, 5 years ago, and further back and be momentarily transported. And then I can almost picture normal life a year from now in February 2021 with an almost one-year old, six-year-old, and nearly eight-year old. Almost. It reminds me how much life changes but how it also keeps getting better year over year.

Big things happening this month:

+ Chris goes on an overnight trip with a friend.

+ Valentine's Day. All the Valentines for the boys to fill out plus we like to do a little something special for the boys.

+ A baby shower in my honor hosted by a dear friend.

February goals:

+ Set up a nursery. The room is painted and ready to become a cheerful and inviting space for a baby. This will include ordering big furniture like a crib, glider, and dresser plus other items I've had my eye on. You can see my nursery inspiration in this post.

+ Set up the boys' new room. They're moving across the hall to the room that was the nursery for each of them. The room also got a fresh coat of paint and I'm excited to incorporate some of their current interests (How To Train Your Dragon for Dashiell, superheros for Cedric).

+ Catch up on taking photos of the boys' art work. I'm way behind!

+ Finish our 2019 family photo book.

Recurring monthly goals:

+ Track spending in Mint.

+ Have a budget meeting with Chris.

+ Put phone away at 5 p.m.


Happy February!


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