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Planning A Nursery For Our Baby Girl

Planning a simple + colorful nursery | RISING*SHINING

We have a baby to get ready for! We're excited to set up a room and make a space for our baby girl

I loved the nursery we set up for the boys. It was genuinely a space where I loved to be and we spent a lot of time in there. That's what I want to create in this nursery too: an inviting and functional space where we enjoy being.

I'm finding myself drawn to decor that is clean, bright, and colorful. I want the feeling to be cheerful. I'd love to share the ideas and inspiration that I've rounded up for creating this space.

Planning a simple + colorful nursery | RISING*SHINING

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The room that we'll use has one north-facing window with our neighbor's house clearly visible. It gets pretty good light but would still benefit from lighter paint colors. I love the pictures I've seen of rooms with just the lower half or third of the wall painted and I'd like to try that in this room. I'm thinking a soft, buttery yellow on the bottom and a clean white on the top. I think this will add color while keeping a clean and bright feel. I'd also like to paint the back of the door a pale pink for a surprise pop of color and to use a shade that hasn't made many appearances in our house before.


The big furniture pieces will be a crib, a dresser, and a gliding armchair. We got years of use out of the boys' crib which had a drawer for linen storage at the bottom and converted to a toddler bed. If the same model we had before was available I'd buy it again! Alas, it is not. But this light wood one is very similar.

I need to take some measurements to make sure this dresser isn't too big for the room. I picture setting up a changing table on top and using a drawer for wipes, diapers, etc.

One non-negotiable item is a very comfortable gliding chair. We had a wooden glider for Dash and Cedric and it was okay but I want to looove the chair we get this time around. I know I'll spend hours in it nursing and holding a baby!

Not quite furniture but I also want to set up another blanket + floor mirror area like we had in the boys' nursery. I remember spending quite a bit of time hanging out with the boys there, doing tummy time or just setting out toys for them. We still have the mirror I had made for the boys' but it's seen better days so I'll need to make a new one. I did this by ordering an acrylic mirror from Home Depot and then having a the framing department at Michael's put it in a frame for me.


The funnest part and where lots of color can come in. Bookshelves to hold colorful books, rainbow raindrops, color wheel art, and a pretty blanket are all on my wish list. As are a mother + daughter art print (I love to hula hoop!), a fake eucalyptus wreath to hang on the back of the pink door, and natural toys like these forest friends.


That's what I've got so far. I can't wait to start seeing it come together!