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My 20 For 2020


In the spirit of MAGIC in 2020 I created a list of 20 easy-to-do things that will add magic to my year. I'm imagining the list might be especially useful on bleary-eyed days with a newborn or on days we feel not quite on top of parenting three kids. Basically on days when I'm not feeling the magic. At those times I hope I'll remember to look over my list and choose something to add a little sparkle to my day – several of the items would also brighten someone else's day.

I've listened to Gretchen and Elizabeth on the Happier podcast share their annual lists of "18 for 2018" and so on over the past few years and thought the idea would be perfect for me this year. I already have plenty of goals for 2020 so in creating my list I focused on activities that need little or no pre-planning and that can usually be completed on the same day. I can see repeating many of the items so maybe even once something is crossed off it will still inspire me on a later day.

Here are my 20 for 2020:

1. Bake a cake

2. Send a handwritten note

3. Reach out to a friend and plan a walking coffee date (get coffee + go walking)

4. Get a mani/pedi

5. Watch old home movies with the boys

6. At home movie night with Chris

7. Get a treat at Rise Up and enjoy it while reading a book

8. Send a surprise care package to someone

9. Get Spinato’s take-and-bake pizza for dinner

10. Make a charitable donation

11. Bake salted chocolate chunk shortbread cookies

12. Get a new houseplant

13. Go for a walk at the Riparian Preserve

14. Have a picnic dinner

15. Have lunch at school with Dashiell

16. Have lunch at school with Cedric

17. Have lunch or breakfast at work with Chris

18. Bring coffee to another mom

19. Go to a weekday movie

20. Take flowers to someone


What easy-to-do activities would you put on a list to add magic to your year?