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Goals - November 2019

Goals - November 2019 | RISING*SHINING Goals - November 2019 | RISING*SHINING Goals - November 2019 | RISING*SHINING Goals - November 2019 | RISING*SHINING Goals - November 2019 | RISING*SHINING Goals - November 2019 | RISING*SHINING

We've entered my favorite stretch of the year: the coziest part of the year. It feels especially cozy to be pregnant and feel my baby girl (!!) kick. Plus I'm eagerly anticipating my nephew being born and a good friend having a baby. Is there anything cozier than a cute baby bump or a bundled newborn over the holidays? (No.)

We're starting the month with a trip for Chris and me to Philadelphia where Chris is attending a conference. It's chilly but sunny and there are fall leaves on the ground. We are soaking it up! There's also the bonus of my cousin and her husband being here for the same conference plus we'll visit another cousin of mine who lives in Philadelphia. Cousin fest!

What I'm also enjoying right now is routine. Routine, glorious routine! I felt completely out of my routines during August, September, and much of October due to first trimester nausea and exhaustion and then fall break. After fall break the weekly rhythms that I love came back: going to the park every day after school, predictable podcast recording days, time to edit podcasts, regular meal planning and making dinners, the house staying pretty clean, my regular workouts, and going to bed early. Yes, please. Excited to get back to it when we return home from Philadelphia.

Now that we know we're having a girl my pregnancy feels even more real. It takes a while to wrap your head around the fact that a baby is growing inside you and that another completely new and unique person will join the family. I'm enjoying brainstorming names with Chris, thinking about the baby and the boy's bedrooms, and beginning to collect baby items.

Here's what else is in the works for this month...

Big things happening this month:

+ Chris and I travel to Philadelphia where he's attending a conference. Currently writing this post from our cozy Airbnb.

+ 20 weeks pregnant milestone. Half-way there!

+ My new nephew arrives! My sister is due really soon with her first baby and I am so excited.

+ Thanksgiving – which we are hosting this year!

November goals:

+ Publish weekly blog posts. It feels easier to write about life now that I've shared our big news.

+ Hang string lights in the backyard. Hosting Thanksgiving this year in our backyard is my impetus to finally accomplish this project that has been on my to-do list for YEARS.

+ Plan and host Thanksgiving. Green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, my mother in law's challah bread, all the pie.

+ Purchase Christmas gifts. We've pared down Christmas this year and are doing a Secret Santa gift exchange among the adults in my family and in Chris's. I'm excited to shop for the people whose names I drew!

+ Finalize and order Christmas cards. I design my own using my rudimentary Photoshop skills and I've got a draft card started. I can't believe it's time for this again!


Happy November, friends!