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Goals - December 2019

Currently: November

Currently: November | RISING*SHINING Currently: November | RISING*SHINING Currently: November | RISING*SHINING Currently: November | RISING*SHINING

Feeling thankful (and full!) after a cozy Thanksgiving at our house yesterday. Little cousins ran around and played, we had a delicious spread, and the little boys had pretty good table manners! After dinner we set the little kids up with a movie and played Vertellis as a family. It was a great way to learn more about each other and ourselves! (The boys helped me make shapes for the sweet potato pie in case you can't tell. Also: recipes for sweet potato pie, chocolate cream pie, and lentil loaf wrapped in puff pastry.)

Stocking up on Boogie Wipes and basic cold medicines. We had a stretch of over a week of being up with Dashiell several times a night for a lingering cough. 'Tis the season (boo). But we are back to all sleeping through the night, so thankful!

Listening to the Pandora autumn jazz station during dinner but switching to Christmas jazz this week.

Currently: November | RISING*SHINING
Making progress on hanging string lights in our backyard!

Dreaming about extending our backyard patio and adding more seating and a gas fire pit. Maybe in 2020? Fingers crossed!

Planted a vegetable garden together as a family and excited to watch it grow.

Reading Why We Sleep, American Royals, and The Watchmaker's Daughter with The Bookish Life of Nina Hill waiting for me at the library (for December book club).

Starting to think about my 2020 goals.

Amazed at the kid gang that we have on our street: 12 kids across six houses! They run back and forth between all of our houses on a near daily basis and it's awesome.

Currently: November | RISING*SHINING Currently: November | RISING*SHINING

Watching the boys become more independent. But so thankful they still love to snuggle.

Getting lots of my Christmas shopping done. Plus we're doing a secret Santa among the adults in both families so we have fewer gifts to buy. It feels less stressful and more enjoyable to me so I'm loving it.

Battling heartburn at night a few times a week. It's a pregnancy symptom I really loathe (although I know I could have it worse).

Currently: November | RISING*SHINING
the new adventure of girl clothes.

Planning to get serious about getting ready for this baby after the holidays.

Enjoying cooler temperatures and weekly rainstorms. What a welcome change after a very hot early fall.

Wearing my fuzzy LL Bean slippers and a warm maternity pull over daily.

Currently: November | RISING*SHINING
Refilling my hummingbird feeders hung on the back and front trees and listening to the hummingbirds chirp all day long.

Currently: November | RISING*SHINING
Playing a lot of Memory.

Feeling pulled to read more blogs and less social media. Who is still blogging these days? A few that I follow are Cup of Jo, Shutterbean, In Residence, The Shu Box, Asha Dornfest, and Feeding the Soil. Do you follow other bloggers who write regularly – please share!

Writing this while enjoying coffee and leftover pie – my favorite – in a clean and quiet house all thanks to Chris who cleaned and then took the boys to see Frozen 2.

Wishing you a cozy weekend!