June wrap up
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Goals - July 2019

Chris and I had a breakfast date last week at Central Market (one of our favorite Austin spots) and found ourselves excitedly talking about all the house projects we want to do (garden boxes, a live edge wood mantle, a headboard, a modern fence around of front porch...). Now that Chris has caught the woodworking bug there are so many things that we can dream up and he can build. Having shared interests and projects to work on together feels like a really important part of a healthy marriage for us. We realized all of the projects we want to do are technically doable but how do we find the time and energy once we're not in vacation mode any more? When there's laundry to do and soccer practice and we're tired from the week. Which I think is a bigger question of how do we stay connected to the things that energize us when life will always include things that drain us?

July goals | RISING*SHINING July goals | RISING*SHININGmy parents' house and property where I grew up

This question is on my mind after connecting in person with Kaileen for the first time. We talked about the challenges of prioritizing creating, especially when there's not a roadmap for what you want to do, but how important it is when creating is part of who we are. This reflection feels well-timed because here we are halfway through the year with the fresh start feeling of a new school year around the corner too. So July is a month to take a deep breath, enjoy the last weeks of summer, and get organized for jumping (back) in. I'm revisiting my goals for 2019 and finding myself invigorated to make plans to complete them.

Big things happening in July:

+ Last week of Austin trip and return home to Gilbert. I'm always sad to leave Austin but there's so much good to go back to too.

July goals:

+ No caffeine and no alcohol. This is my monthly health challenge and is the one most people recoiled from when I shared my list of goals at the beginning of the year. Not having alcohol for a month won't be hard for me. I'm already an occasional to rare drinker and if I do have a drink I split a beer with Chris or have one cocktail. I will however miss the coffee/caffeine. I've gone through phases during the past year where I haven't had daily coffee or caffeinated tea but especially while on vacation I've been enjoying a cup of coffee a day. I do genuinely enjoy the taste and ritual of a hot morning beverage so I plan to switch to herbal tea, most likely chamomile + mint, but I think I'll be looking forward to coffee on August 1.

+ Buy and send birthday presents. Within the first five days of August there are five friend and family birthdays!

+ Summer fun. An aspect of my personality that is a virtue and a fault is that I prefer delayed gratification. I always want to save enjoyable things so that I can anticipate the fun to come. This means I'm great at getting things done, exercising, and eating healthy. But what can happen is that the time to do that fun thing never arrives. July is our last month of summer so there's no time to save summer fun for later. I want to eat ice cream out of fish-shaped cones, take the boys to the Children's Museum, and escape the heat one day to the amazing Tonto Natural Bridge.

+ Buy school supplies. Because school starts August 1! I think we'll plan to do individual dates with the boys to buy school supplies and go out to lunch.

+ Take steps towards getting a will and trust set up. We are over six years behind on this and it fills me with anxiety that we do not have a will. We have the contact information and the paperwork we just need to follow up. (I know there are simple templates we could use but that this point we want it all done thoroughly so I want to focus my energy on getting it done that way.)

+ Take time to plan my writing goals for the school year. When the boys go back to school I'll have three work days per week again. They go by fast so I need to be intentional with my time.


Happy July, friends!