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Six summer favorites | RISING*SHINING
How's your summer going so far? We're at about the half-way point through our summer and one week into our three week visit to Austin. It's so nice to be here for an extended time; it's the longest I've been back in my hometown since I moved away for graduate school in 2006! When we get back to Gilbert we'll have three more weeks of summer and then school starts!

Summer is such a particular season, especially with kids at home, and I think even more so if you live somewhere with extreme heat (hello 110 degrees!). I've noticed a few standout items that are really earning their keep this summer while bringing me joy and/or keeping me cool. I'd love to share if you'd like to see...

1. Mesh swim bag
Last summer I was always cramming swim towels into a canvas bag and quickly ran out of room. It was a recurring frustration. I spied this simple mesh beach bag at Target and it was exactly what I was looking for. Don't you love that?! There's plenty of room for our towels plus pockets for sunscreen and a zippered pocket for keys and wallet. I'm keeping our goggles, snorkels, and sunscreen in it at all times so it's ready to head back to the pool.

2. Kids water shoes
We've had water shoes before that were hard for the boys to squeeze their feet into. I love how wide these open up and that the boys can easily put them on themselves. Plus they're sturdy enough for some serious running around at a splash pad or could be worn to explore a creek.

3. Simple water resistant watch
I have been loving hanging out at our local public pools although noticed a glaring omission – no visible clocks!! I would be in the pool, wondering how much time had gone by, and would have to trek back to our bag to check my phone for an update. But no more now that I have a water resistant watch. I thought I'd just wear my watch at the pool but find myself wearing it most days now. I like the white color and love not having to look at my phone for the time. When we went camping I also realized I hated having to check a phone for the time so I'm glad to have this for our next trip.

4. Cold fruit
Before we head out for an afternoon activity I've been preparing a large container with cut strawberries, red grapes, and blueberries. Summer fruit is so delicious! I pack it in a cooler with ice so that even after sitting in our hot car it stays refrigerator-cold. After swimming all afternoon cold fruit is such a refreshing treat and I love watching the boys gobble down a healthy snack.

5. Quick dry shorts
Referring to their cold weather, the Norwegians say, "There's no bad weather, only bad clothes!" I think the same applies to summers in Arizona and Texas. One of my personal pet peeves is the feel of shorts damp from sweat – blerg! Enter Patagonia's Quandry shorts (I bought them in navy). The cut makes them look similar to chino shorts but sweat has nothing on them. Plus the 5" inseam is my favorite length for shorts. So glad I found them!

6. Pretty + easy-to-wear summer dresses
I will sing the praises of Boden dresses to anyone who will listen. The cuts are flattering, the fabric is high quality, the prints are unique, and they are committed to an ethical supply chain. I've been wearing this olive and gold foil one (sorry, sold out!) and this one with a pretty palm print. My days with the boys can sometimes feel long and so I decided that at least once per week I would wear a cute summer dress as a way to do something just for me. Sometimes I put some waves in my hair and wear a bit of makeup too. Then even if there is chaos and mess all around me at least I feel pretty and put together. Both of these easy-to-wear dresses are perfect for those days or for a summer date night with Chris. Win-win!


What summer favorites are you loving?