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 Goals - May 2019 | RISING*SHINING
I love the academic calendar and the rhythm it gives our lives. My life has always been measured in semesters since even once I was out of graduate school Chris was working at a university, and then I was too (deep archive dive to read about getting my job at ASU – this is why I love blogging!). I'm thinking back to the first day of kindergarten/preschool at the beginning of the school year and all that's happened. A new school that felt so big and unfamiliar is now a regular and comfortable part of our lives. We made new neighborhood friends thanks to spending so many days after school at the park. I was able to spend days at home with Cedric, my easygoing sidekick. We watched Dash learn to read. I designed my own weeks and spent many hours writing (or looking at a computer screen trying to write, as it goes sometimes!).

This month feels all about the end of school but I'm trying to just focus on the current day. I have just three or four more writing days on my book proposal this month before I take a break for the summer. I want to make the most of them!

I know the end of the school year can feel crazy but I don't think ours will be too bad. Chris will finish up his semester this week; we liberated his graduation robes from deep in the closet this morning so that he can attend convocation and graduation looking regal this week. (Although I joked that his robes look a bit like Ron's dress robes...) And so our family schedule slows down a bit which is lovely timing. Dash is in soccer right now (and loves it) but I'll be glad for our weeknight practice and weekend game commitment to be done for now although it hasn't felt like a burden.

Our boys are done May 23 so this month we'll also get a taste of summer this month. One thing I'm really excited about are summer movies – each week we get to go see a movie in the morning. Summer in Arizona is all about different ways to spend time in the water or in the air conditioning and this will be a fun one! But for now: writing and working are my focus.

Big things happening in May:

+ Chris wraps up another school year. Woo hoo! We're planning a day date to celebrate.

+ Chaperone a field trip with Dash's class. We're going to a local aquarium.

+ Teacher appreciation week + end of school. I wish teacher appreciation week wasn't so close to the end of school (i.e. two teacher gift-giving occasions)! I'm thinking the timing of this week probably works better when kids continue school into June. But we certainly appreciate our teachers and will be expressing gratitude.

+ Camping! We'll be heading up north where it's still cool for two nights. I've been buying used camping gear from Craigslist and Ebay and am excited for our second family camping trip.

May goals:

+ Don't eat after 7:30 p.m.! This is my May health challenge. Compared to doing pushups every day and not eating any added sugar it feels like it should be pretty easy. Eating later in the evening isn't a big struggle for me but I thought having a rule against for a month would be a way to set an ongoing habit. What works well for me is to floss and brush my teeth soon after dinner. That signals to my body that I'm done eating for the day. Plus I loathe flossing and brushing again so I'm motivated to keep my teeth clean. The one time that will be hard is after my Monday High Fitness classes. I usually skip dinner and instead eat when I get home, around 9:30 p.m. I'm not sure yet if I'll make those days exceptions or try to eat more before going to class.

+ Record + edit final summer Girl Next Door Podcast episodes. Erica and I have been working hard to get ahead. This will give us a break this summer plus then we won't have to juggle kiddos and recording. We're scheduled to finish recording all summer episodes before school is out! I'm not sure I'll finish editing them all before school is done but I want to at least have the May and first June episodes scheduled.

+ Finish sewing my tunic. I stalled on this project and want to wrap it up. Plus, it might be something I can wear this summer.

+ Shave with a safety razor. I've been wanting to make the switch away from disposable razors to safety razors. Chris already made the switch a few months ago and loves his. I'm just a little bit intimidated that I'll cut myself! So I need to plan a time when I can shave more slowly and not do a quick shower shave.

+ Stock my freezer with make-ahead breakfasts. Specifically, breakfast burritos and frittata muffins (both from Run Fast Eat Slow). Although I want to each a healthy and protein-filled breakfast I rarely feeling like making it on weekday mornings. I'm hoping these help!

+ Figure out how to recycle/destroy old hard drives. We have two from old computers. Any suggestions?


Happy May!


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