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In my cart at Trader Joe's: no added sugar


Today is the last day of my month-long no added sugar challenge! I only skipped one day (Valentine's Day) and ended up enjoying the challenge much more than I thought I would. I'm even considering doing the challenge once or twice more this year. I wrote about what I've been eating during this month of no added sugar and wanted to give a shout out to some no-sugar-added Trader Joe's items I've been putting into my cart lately. I will definitely still be eating these after the month is over!

Truffle Marcona Almonds. OMG. My friend Jen introduced me to these before Christmas and I couldn't believe no one had told me about them before. The truffle oil gives them an unexpected flavor creating a salty, sophisticated, and totally addicting snack. A handful makes a great afternoon snack and they will take your cheese board up a notch.

Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats. Now that I'm eating steel cut oats, rolled oats seem so mushy! I love how quickly these cook up and how cozy a bowl of oatmeal made on the stove top is during winter. These also make great overnight oats. In a mason jar or glass container I mix 1/3 cup oats with 2/3 cup almond milk and add a spoonful of peanut butter and maybe a dash of cinnamon. In the morning I heat it up for a minute, stir, and eat!

Seeds & Grains Crispbread. I discovered these bottom-shelf crackers when I realized our usual crackers have added sweeteners. These are crunchy and flavorful with a hint of rosemary. I eat them with cheese or with tuna salad.

Creamy Unsalted Peanut Butter. In my opinion, this is the best peanut butter around and the only ingredient is dry roasted peanuts. Why mess with perfection by adding salt and sugar? We go through one to two jars each week! A popular snack or dessert substitute we have been loving is peanut butter + banana. 

Dark Sweet Cherries. I do a quick chop of these and add to my steel cut oats and to homemade granola.

European Style Organic Plain Milk Yogurt. After being on the Greek yogurt train for a long time, I'm appreciating yogurts that aren't so thick. I love to eat this with granola. I've also used it as a started yogurt to make my own in my Instant Pot.

Also in exciting Trader Joe's news, we are getting close to Gilbert's first Trader Joe's! The one I go to now is in Mesa. Unfortunately the new one won't be any closer to my house (it's maybe a quarter of a mile farther than my current TJ's) but I'll try the new one out and see how it is. The parking lot at my Trader Joe's is a terrible angled, confusing 6-way intersection hot mess so I might switch based on parking lot alone. This was is a new build so the parking should be better (fingers crossed).

I'd love to know what you are putting in your cart at Trader Joe's lately!


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