What I'm eating during a month of no added sugar
In my cart at Trader Joe's: no added sugar

Currently: February

Currently: February | RISING*SHINING Currently: February | RISING*SHINING Currently: February | RISING*SHINING Currently: February | RISING*SHINING Currently: February | RISING*SHINING Currently: February | RISING*SHINING

Reflecting on love languages after recording a podcast episode about them. My top love languages are acts of service and quality time. Chris's are gifts and quality time. Do you know your love languages?

Recommending The Disaster Artist, which will make you laugh ("You're tearing me apart, Lisa!") and is based on a bizarre true story. Also, this interview with James Franco about starring in the movie.

Loving our wintry weather! This must be one of the best Arizona winters we've ever had. Lots of days with highs in the 50s, several days of grey, and ever some rainy days. I am loving every minute and promise to remember them when it's 115 degrees this summer.

Reading Educated and loving it. Recently finished Calypso (classic Sedaris, touching but also eccentric) The Witch Elm (so suspenseful) and Where the Crawdads Sing (beautiful, loved it).

Drinking decaf coffee with Nutpods creamer and trying to find a replacement tea after Yogi stopped making my favorite mint-black tea. Do you have any recommendations for something similar? I've discovered I don't care for the cinnamon-orange flavor combination which is common in teas although I would like a cinnamon without the orange.

Glowing after being in the same room as Michelle Obama for two hours (with thousands of other people) when she made a stop in Phoenix.

Looking over my February goals and thinking about how to complete them. I still need to make progress on my tunic and migrating Matrimoney content to Wordpress. February goes fast!

Considering a new iPhone although hesitating at the prices (yikes!). Plus the only upgrade I really want is a better camera (mine, an SE model, isn't metering light/colors as well any more), which is really important to me, but otherwise my phone does everything I want it to.

Excited to discover that there might be a decent lap pool nearby where I can swim. I used to swim laps in college and graduate school but haven't found a decent and convenient pool out here. Making a visit to the gym to look at it in person is on my to-do list.

Listening to the new season of The Story Pirates with the boys and so happy they are back.

Marveling that Dashiell is READING.

Thinking that Gretchen Rubin's daily schedule sounds about ideal to me, perhaps with a little more exercise. And noting that my schedule could be very similar to hers when the boys are older.

Brainstorming ideas of things to do with the boys over spring break. The weather should be great so I'm thinking lots of park time plus our good friends will be visiting!

Pulling up my calendar to think about summer break with the boys and realizing that nothing is stopping me from spending a few weeks in Austin with the boys (with Chris staying as long as he is able). Having the flexibility to spend lots of time in Austin was a factor we thought about as we planned for me to quit my job and being able to take advantage of that feels so good.

Managing my time better this semester than last but still feeling like my work days go by so dang fast.

Collecting ideas for improving our backyard but

Mentally preparing myself that it could be another year before we can afford the project. Half of our yard has deteriorated to dirt which drives me nuts but I'm trying to remember that it won't stay that way forever.

Celebrating four years of working at at Orange Theory! It's still a workout I love to do and I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm so glad I started going after Cedric was born and that it works so well for my schedule.

Happy to share that a new Matrimoney episode is out today! Although as we share on the show, it's going to be our last one. But maybe we'll produce similar content in another less formal way, like Instagram Stories? We LOVE making the show but are finding it really hard to fit into our schedule. Thank you for all of your support!!

Obsessed with the beautiful and sweet illustrations of Sophie Blackall. Some of my favorite books of hers that I would love to own include The Baby Tree (also a great book for young kids about where babies come from), A Fine Dessert, Hello Lighthouse, and A Voyage In The Clouds (the boys love this one).