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Today is the last day of my month-long no added sugar challenge! I only skipped one day (Valentine's Day) and ended up enjoying the challenge much more than I thought I would. I'm even considering doing the challenge once or twice more this year. I wrote about what I've been eating during this month of no added sugar and wanted to give a shout out to some no-sugar-added Trader Joe's items I've been putting into my cart lately. I will definitely still be eating these after the month is over! Truffle Marcona Almonds. OMG. My friend Jen introduced me to... Read more →

Reflecting on love languages after recording a podcast episode about them. My top love languages are acts of service and quality time. Chris's are gifts and quality time. Do you know your love languages? Recommending The Disaster Artist, which will make you laugh ("You're tearing me apart, Lisa!") and is based on a bizarre true story. Also, this interview with James Franco about starring in the movie. Loving our wintry weather! This must be one of the best Arizona winters we've ever had. Lots of days with highs in the 50s, several days of grey, and ever some rainy days.... Read more →

This month my daily health challenge is to not eat any added sugar. Foods with naturally occurring sugars, like fruit and plain yogurt, are okay but nothing with sugar, honey, maple syrup, or even Stevia or sugar alcohols (a newer sweetener common in protein bars and all those high-protein ice creams). I knew that would eliminate a lot of foods but I was surprised by just how many! In the week before the challenge started, as I started reading food labels in earnest, it was disheartening to realize sugar is in e v e r y t h i n... Read more →

Little things I'm so glad to have done. Clockwise from top left: fixing a broken picture frame, organizing my makeup, simplifying our key ring, hanging a jewelry organizer, installing a flagpole bracket. Does fixing a broken photo frame have anything to do with overall happiness? I'm starting to think it might, at least for me. Little to-do list items tend to clutter in my mind. I think this is a result of being a details person and from my love of efficiency. I notice the little things as I go about my day: I see that the door out to... Read more →

January was a good start to my year. I hope you are having a good one too! If it hasn't felt like the energetic and fresh start you wanted I am also an advocate of February being the new January. Some years you need some time after the holidays to collect your thoughts and feel ready to dive into a new year. I am loving my daily health habit challenge. In January I did 10 pushups every day. This month I'm not eating food with added sugar (with one exception: dessert on Valentine's Day when Chris made dinner reservations for... Read more →