Update: our modern desert front yard
Currently: January 2019

Workspace Wednesday

Workspace Wednesday | RISING*SHINING
On my desk right now:

+ potted succulents that are doing well but have a few gnats – tips on getting rid of them? Trying to let the soil dry out really well.

+ Tommy John underwear that started fraying that I need to return

+ masking tape holding my computer charger in place (need a better solution)

+ old hard drives to be destroyed

+ Trader Joe's wool ball diffuser (with eucalyptus oil)

+ portable phone charger to be put away

+ Democratic National Committee survey to be completed and returned

+ papers reminding me that Dash needs to bring snack on Friday and that it's almost time to register Cedric for preschool next year

+ half a cup of decaf coffee with soy creamer and cinnamon

+ trusty computer that is getting old (so old it won't let me do the latest OS update - argh!)

+ running to-do list with ideas for February goal

+ zipper pouch with my pens and highlighters

+ Zebra pen, my favorite

Recently completed:

+ first edits on an in-progress sample chapter for my proposal for a nonfiction book for working moms

+ outlines for upcoming episodes of The Girl Next Door

+ recording an episode of The Girl Next Door on love languages

+ recording an episode of Matrimoney

Currently working on:

+ ad copy for a sponsorship for an upcoming episode of The Girl Next Door

+ two sample chapters for my book proposal

+ blog posts

Queued up:

+ editing completed episodes of The Girl Next Door

+ book store research for the comparable books section of my book proposal

+ completing first drafts and first edits of my two sample chapters

+ migrating content from the Matrimoney website to Wordpress as a test run for my blog and The Girl Next Door