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Goals - February 2019

Currently: January 2019

Currently: January 2019 | RISING*SHINING
With January, routine and weekly rhythms returned along with school days for the boys and work days for me. It feels really good. I've also been experiencing a deep satisfaction with our home and daily life. I think the completion of our front yard and our post-Christmas organizing/decluttering are big contributors. As I walk through the house I can sense the tidiness and organization. Even if toys are strewn about and laundry is waiting to be folded, I know everything has a home and serves a purpose. Chris reminded me that just a few months ago I said I felt like anywhere I looked in our house I saw a project to do. I don't have that nagging feeling any more and I'm appreciating that.

Currently: January 2019 | RISING*SHINING
What's left on my house to-do list (and there will always be a list) feels more manageable and enjoyable. We've taken care of a lot in the past six months! From getting a new dining table and swapping the toddler table for our old dining table, moving Cedric out of his toddler bed into a twin bed (that Chris built!), and even getting a big house plant; our home is better functioning and more beautiful.

My creative work priorities right now are working on my book proposal (a nonfiction book for working moms) and staying on top/ahead of our Girl Next Door recording and publishing schedule. And posting to my blog! My time management strategy is to schedule my work/childcare days hour by hour in my Google Calendar. It might sound like overkill but it's helping me to be productive and realistic about what I can get done. (I also have a post on managing my calendar and to-do list.)

January was also filled with...

Cold morning bike rides to school. I know temps in the 40s are mild to some of you but it feels frigid here. I'm thankful I didn't donate my puffy down coat that I used to wear in Connecticut during grad school.

Hanging out with my mom and sister who came for a fun weekend visit. Every visit feels more relaxed and fun as the boys get older.

Trying to create more Instagram Stories for The Girl Next Door and

Thinking about the balance of how much of my life to share that way.

Reveling in reading longform articles in print in the New York Times on Sunday like this one and this one.

Being soccer parents. It's so fun to watch Dash play soccer which he's been begging us to play for months. I also really love that we joined a league where we only have a two-hour commitment on Saturdays for practice and a game.

Checked off my annual physical (with blood work – looks great!) and my annual well woman exam. I love being proactive about my health.

Made time for evening at-home dates with Chris. We had several game nights and a few creative nights where we worked on sewing projects.

Watched a few episodes of Tidying Up. I found Marie Kondo delightful and have adopted her folding technique.

Pushups! As of writing this I've done at least 10 pushups every day in January.

Enjoyed a day date with Chris on the same day that my mother-in-law hosted the boys for a sleep over. We had such a fun evening at our neighborhood bar where we met another couple and played Yahtzee together. The next morning we had a luxuriously unrushed breakfast at our favorite spot and read the paper.

Marveled that the boys played for HOURS together last weekend. They pretended with toys and household items inside and then in the backyard. It was magical for Chris and me to get bonus time for sewing, creating, and relaxing.

Thinking about my no added sugar challenge in February and what I'll need to avoid, like pre-made salad dressings, ketchup, cereals, flavored yogurts...

Weekly at-home workouts with my neighbor. I've never enjoyed working out at home but it's fun with someone else! We lift weights and sometimes do a little cardio. This has been a consistent fourth workout/week for me which is a goal of mine for the year.

Reading The Word Is Murder and recently finished How To Stop Time (an upcoming Girl Next Door Book Club pick!), and Becoming (loved).

Cherishing the extra time I have with Cedric on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Looking forward to having a friend over for lunch today (full spread from Trader Joe's of course).

Wishing you a happy Thursday!