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Goals - October 2018

Goals - October 2018 | RISING*SHININGA funny thing is happening this October that I can't remember ever happening since living here: it actually feels like fall this month! It is GLORIOUS. October came in with rain, grey, and a morning chill and has continued in the same manner. Just this weekend on Saturday it rained all day (all day!) and we were the most cozy.

Chris and I got an extra dose of fall and nostalgia with a trip to New York City and New Haven, CT at the beginning of the month. How strange it is to return to a place you used to know so well and to feel the familiarity and the time passed all at once. In Connecticut the leaves were just beginning to think about turning, sometimes just one shock of red punctuated a green-leafed tree. We returned home to no changing leaves but did appreciate the much less humid air here.

This month is also bringing our first school fall break, a whole week plus a Monday off from school, and I've loved the break in packing lunches and watching the clock for drop off and pick up. Our objective has essentially been to spend as much time outside at parks as possible. It's so good for my energetic boys and I am happy to be reunited with the outdoors after spending so much time inside through the summer.

September wins:

+ First family camping trip!

+ Bought both boy's Halloween costumes (a unicorn for Cedric - so in love - and Captain America for Dashiell)

+ Had our old mattress picked up for recycling (we bought an Avocado mattress)

+ Found a dining table on Craigslist and now have a bigger dining table plus a kitchen table (instead of a toddler table). Now we actually have seats for everyone when we host big family dinners!

+ Attended High Fitness classes every Monday - it's part of my routine now and I'm glad to have the extra cardio workout

October goals:

+ Keep phones out of the bedroom and check phone minimally during the weekends. I think we have pretty good awareness and habits around using our phones but after reading How to Break Up With Your Phone I want to further restrict how and when I'm using my phone. I use an alarm clock so that I don't have to use my phone, and if you need convincing this article recommending clock radios is delightful.

+ Start buying Christmas gifts. If I start Christmas prep now, December is much more relaxing.

+ Create a writing calendar for my book proposal through the end of 2018.

+ Start thinking about 2019 goals. I love starting to think about goals for a new year!

Recurring monthly goals:

+ Weekly phone dates with my mom and regular phone dates with close girl friends.

+ Thursday night at-home cookies dates with Chris.

+ Don't start or end the day with my phone. Even easier to do now that my phone isn't in the bedroom.

+ Go to bed by 9 pm. Since not checking my phone after dinner I'm doing much better with this!


I'm off to spend one last fall break day with the boys – happy October!